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Update - Having problems getting Controlblock going - Still have some questions

  • I got all the games loaded onto my Raspberry Pi 3 that I wanted. All were tested and working fine with a combination of keyboard and usb playstation 3 controller. Now I want to finish my build and get the pi working with my controlblock, connected to a joystick and arcade buttons. I loaded up controlblock, activated it and installed it according to directions on the petrock site. When I boot up the Pi, the arcade buttons don't work at all. None of them seem to do anything. I can still use the PS3 controller and joystick, but none of the arcade buttons are functioning. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've googled and searched this forum, but haven't found the answer.

  • I've made some progress. Found it was a wiring issue with my arcade controls that was causing the buttons not to function. Here's where I'm at now.

    Buttons and joystick and trackball all seem to be functioning. My issue is trying to get everything to work perfectly. I'd love some suggestions as to the best way to set up my controlblock. arcade or mame mode? I'm making a one player machine with a joystick, 5 buttons and a trackball. I'd like to primarily use it for old arcade games (late 70s and early 80s) but also NES, SNES, atari lynx, gameboy etc.

    Problem 1 - Is there a way I can use a USB nintendo controller for the console games and have the arcade buttons work for the old arcade games?

    Problem 2 - Is there a way to get my arcade controls taking care of every function, so I don't have to have a usb keyboard constantly hooked up? I currently have the controlblock in mame mode, and the missing things I'm finding is an enter and escape button.

    Thanks for any and all help you can give me.

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    Glad to hear that you are making progress!

    It should always be possible to use the ControlBlock together with any USB controller. You would just need to run the input configuration for each device on EmulationStation. All controller types should be recognised and working afterwards.

    Regarding your question about the need for an additional keyboard: What you would need to do is to configure the emulators such that you have full control with your arcade / gamepad controls only. That should be possible.

    Hope that helps!

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