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It was a good weekend: Frame back to Retro ;)

  • Hi guys, I had a nice weekend. Met some good friends, made some sports and finished a small project ;) The goal was a media player with retro abilities. Not a great job to do. A bit soldering and some wiring. That was all.

    The frame is from Pimoroni also the 7" Display (DSI interface rocks!). Most time I need to setup the switch software. If we talk about power devices - I used a 1,5A device on a Raspberry 3B+, with a display and USB powered speakers .... I love quality electronics. It's a shame that the power switch is sticked to the black frame with some tape.

    Needed parts

    Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen Display with frame - I got a used unit from eBay for 40€
    A Raspberry A+ - Amazon Warehouse Deal 25€
    Pimoroni OnOff SHIM - I have some bought long time ago ... they were a bit cheaper to that time... 6€?
    Stick Switch as foil keyboard - costs are 1€
    Amazon Basic Speakers they can powered from USB, used 11€
    A yes... the 8bitdo ZERO Pad .... that was some older buying ;)

    So a total cost of ~80€ ;)

    Some pictures ;)

    The center in KODI-action ... or KODI media center!

    The wiring from behind, display electronics is underneath the Pie
    The big USB connector is the speaker power.

    The USB-Speaker from Amazon

  • I thought this was going to be an app like a vgm player.
    I can see Don Quixote.

    There was a cool retro vgm player homebrew for PSP. I found it for you, here it is incase you have a psp and want to try it.
    GameMusicGear PSP

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