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What resolution to use and how?

  • Hello all,

    after solving the overscan issue I had I would like to chose the optimal resolution for my Samsung 720p TV.

    As per the specs of the TV the native resolution is 1440 x 900.

    So I tried to use hdmi group 2, hdmi mode 47 -> but the TV did not work at all (no picture, a message saying not supported resolution).

    Then I tried 720p by using hdmi group 1 and hdmi mode 4.

    That works (so I get an image on the screen), but if I press the "info" button on the TV remote, the TV tells me it is getting an 1920 x 1080i 60Hz signal - so not 720p

    Why is retropie not outputting 720p?

    Thank you for any pointers!

  • Global Moderator

    Your TV might upscale the image or is not reporting correctly the available video modes.
    Try playing with the tvservice command to check what the TV reports as available resolutions and try to switch to various resolutions listed. You TV doesn't look like it has HDMI available, so how are you connecting it to the Pi ?

  • I am using an HDMI to DVI cable.

    Will try tvservice now.

    Thank you for trying to help!

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