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[SOFT] ARRM : Another Gamelist, Roms manager, and Scraper for Recalbox, Batocera, Retropie

  • Hi All,

    New version of ARRM available : (10/27/2020)

    • Fix connection problems on Screenscraper
    • Addition of a 'Video+Overlay' button allowing to create Video + Overlay (like the birthday videos of Screenscraper) based on the ARRM templates. They have the suffix -mixvideo. See WIKI :
    • Improved media management in the MixMe module (the selected media are no longer copied into the destination directory with their original name)
    • Fixed bug in mass replacement
    • Stop loading if corrupt gamelist.xml
    • Addition of GenreID in the 'ROM Informations' Panel
    • Addition of a combobox displaying the label of the genreID. It is possible to choose the genreID via the combobox or by writing it in the dedicated textbox. By clicking on the eye you can view the genreid? label association file
    • Addition of a contextual menu on the database (right click on the database to make it appear)
    • The 'Check ARRM updates' button now indicates the presence of a Beta / Patch
    • Fixed the 'systemes_tgdb.txt' file which generated an error when scraping with ''
    • Fixed a bug when moving game from one system to another
    • During a complete installation the file "template_association.txt" is copied as "template_association.ARRM". When executing ARRM, if no existing "template_association.txt" file is present, the "template_association.ARRM" file is copied into "template_association.txt". This is in order not to overwrite your personalization of the file.
    • Addition of an "All maps" checkbox in the 'images options' tab which allows you to retrieve all the available maps. Only the first will be assigned to the <map> tag of the gamelist
    • The button 'Delete unused images and videos' can be applied on multisystems (several systems checked)
    • Fixed a bug when changing the interface language (switching from French or English to other languages causes a blockage)
    • Added corrected templates_association for new Recablox 7.0 systems
    • Correction of the media path when they do not start with ./ in gamelist.xml (case of media scraped via the internet scraper Recalbox 7.0, which prevented ARRM from displaying the media scraped via Recalbox) (Thank you Flomartin)
    • Addition of a "Replacements" tab which allows you to filter and then apply modifications / replacements on the database. See wiki : (Suggestion Nordicpower)

    If you already have version or you can download only the executable alone + some configuration files here:

    Download link for full version :

    Page of Beta versions :


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  • @nexusone13 Nice list of fixes and additions. Now that i know how to use it. i just love it.

  • @nexusone13 so i updated to the latest version and i have a problem

    when i try to load the games in the PC folder for my dos box. nothing comes up.

    yes i have gone and fixed the extensions to include .sh which is how i start all my Dosbox games and still nothing comes up.

    in the prosses window i get this

     Start : 10:50  2020-10-30
    Replacing \\RetroPie\roms\pc\gamelist.xml with content of \\RetroPie\roms\pc\gamelist_ARRM.xml
    Loading XML into database In progress
    Comparing ScummVm DOS files with XML
    Applying template : C:\Users\eceise.000\AppData\Roaming\Nexouille soft\arrm\ressources\templates\Next_Pixel_1080_computer\Next_Pixel_1080_computer.xml (auto associated)
    Backing up C:\Users\eceise.000\AppData\Roaming\Nexouille soft\arrm\database\systemes_extensions.txt
    Backing up C:\Users\eceise.000\AppData\Roaming\Nexouille soft\arrm\database\systemes_extensions.txt finished

    i think is has something to do with this
    Comparing ScummVm DOS files with XML

    hope this is a easy fix for you. till then i will get a older version and go from there

  • @ExarKunIv hi

    could you show me your PC folder directory structure. I want to see how games are named inside this directory
    Does it works on previous version , which one ?
    On batocera or recalbox, folders of games inside PC folder must be names like this :

    Aces of the Pacific.pc
    Alone In The Dark 2.pc

    They thus appear in the gamelist, without having to indicate a .bat or .sh file, cause Recalbox/Batocera frontends knows how to handle it.

    You can join the ARRM textual Discord : , it will be easier and more reactive to discuss

    Warning: old versions of ARRM can no longer connect to Screenscraper, at least version is required

    ARRM textual Discord :

  • Hi @mitu ,

    for DosBox, in DOS or PC folders, is it necessary to indicate the full path to a .sh file in the gamelist

    <path>./Silent Service (1985).pc/Silent Service (1985).sh</path>

    or (like batocera/recalbox) the path to the folder is sufficent for retropie to launch the .sh file

    <path>./Silent Service (1985).pc</path>


  • Global Moderator

    @nexusone13 said in [SOFT] ARRM : Another Gamelist, Roms manager, and Scraper for Recalbox, Batocera, Retropie:

    for DosBox, in DOS or PC folders, is it necessary to indicate the full path to a .sh file in the gamelist

    In RetroPie you need to set the 'full' path to the launching exe/sh/conf file, there's no convention to treat .pc folders specially (like in RecalBox or Batocera).

  • @ExarKunIv , could you come on ARRM discord, I'd like you to test a version which could help you. Thanks

    ARRM textual Discord :

  • @nexusone13 ok im in there now

  • Hi all,

    A new version of ARRM is available : (11/11/2020)

    • Addition in the Bezels / Overlays section (Images Options tab) of a custom button that allows you to resize the Overlays + their configuration file to the desired screen size

    • Taking into account of the new path for system overlays on Recalbox> 7.0

    • The 'Missing overlays' button now automatically selects the Roms that do not have an overlay (the search is done in the overlays directory).

    • Addition of a “Copy Pad2Key” button which allows to send, for the selected systems, a generic .p2k.cfg file ( found in %appdata%\nexouille soft\arrm\ressources ) (thank you soaresden)

    • The pad2key files for Batocera are recoverable (rom_file.keys format) during scrape. You must have checked the 'Pad 2 Key cfg' checkbox in the 'Scrape Options' tab

    • Update of the various configuration files for the new Batocera-29 systems

    • Addition of a “TopStaff ? Favorites” checkbox in the “Scrap Options” tab which puts in favorites the games selected by the Screenscraper team.

    • Addition of an 'HTML systems' button in the 'Tools' tab which generates an HTML file, very basic, for the selected systems, allowing to view the content of each system (roms, images, manual, video, textual information ). On large systems, processing can take a long time. View example :

    • Addition of a template (classic and video+overlay) mix_screenscraper_birthday

    • Bug correction: when using MixMe, if the source image was in the media directory, the suffix (-fanart, -boxart etc …) was not added.

    • Fixed a bug with the button 'Delete unused images and videos' which removed images suffixed '-map' (thanks soaresden)

    • Fixed the behavior of the 'Get Video' button on the 'Images options' tab

    • Fixed a bug: when moving a rom via the 'move to a folder' button the .p2k.cfg file was not moved (thank you soaresden)

    If you already have version you can download only the executable alone + some configuration files here:

    Download link for full version :

    Page of Beta versions :


  • Hi all,

    A new version of ARRM is available : (11/21/2020)

    • Added a 'Rate me' button to rate a game and send the rating to Screenscraper. You must have an account on screenscraper and that it is entered in ARRM. See:

    • Support for <kid>, <adult>, <id> (Screenscraper Game Id) tags

    • Addition in the 'Information Rom' Panel of the GameID, Kid and Adult fields

    • Addition of a 'Use GameID' checkbox which allows, when the GameID is entered, to search in priority with the GameID on Screenscraper. (it is possible to force the scrap of a particular game by entering its gameid and checking 'Use GameID'

    • Addition of an option 'Html condensed without image' when creating the HTML file, allows to have a display in the form of table without image. See :

    • Reorganization of tags in the gamelist (more readable)

    • Removal of the unnecessary 'Box 3D' checkbox: the choice of the boxart format is made in the "Assignment of media screenscraper" menu

    • Correction of a bug in the replacement module: modification of a value of a field

    • Bug correction: when Mix and Recover Video were checked, the video was retrieved twice

    • Fixed bug when moving rom between directories

    If you already have version, you can download only the executable alone + some configuration files here:

    Download link for full version (remember to uninstall the previous version) :

    Page of Beta versions :


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