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[Tutorial] How to pair a 8bitdo ZERO

  • This is the shortest tutorial I've ever written. But it took so much time to get proper pairing for this neat small controller

    1. Activate Windows/Joystick mode with Start + R-Shoulder-Button
      1.1 The blue LED will blink once in a second (slowest as possible)
      1.2 This shows that Windows Joystick mode is activated
    2. Now hold Select for 3-4 seconds to flush old pairing and prepare the controller for new pairing
      2.1 The LED will short flash white to show flush of old pairing
      2.2 Blue LED still blinks blue once in a second (slowest as possible)
    3. Now establish BT connection according the wiki

  • @cyperghost these quick snippets of knowledge are always nice. Kudos!

    Perhaps would be more future-proof and useful to update the Wiki?

  • @hhromic I think if this solution can be confirmed by others then the wiki can be updated. Yes it was my intension to conserve this with a forum entry.

    I think the pairing itself does not need to be explained but the fact HOW to enable pairing mode on the controller. Because you often read just ... Hold select for more then 2 seconds.... that did never work for me. And the ZERO is a bit underestemated but is really nice for kids, pygmies and hobbits.

    EDIT: Kudos for you - quick snippets are real time savers ;)

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