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What is your default video mode and what console ? [solved]

  • I have DMT-85 1280X720 @ 60hz 16:9, clock :74mhz progressive.
    for almost all of them (beside the n64 its still on 640x480 and psp&nds)
    If i try upper it too like-
    CEA-5 1920x1080 @ 60mhz 16:9 , clcok:74 mhc interlaced 3D:FPITonBot
    Its really leg'y mostly more in the PSX or SNES ROMS.
    {Just removed all the video modes , and was having a shader on psx also removed )
    FIX it

  • For all of my systems, I let ES default to whatever it feels like, which ends up being some low, non-standard resolution @60Hz. This blurs the lines produced by the zfast-crt shader, so I end up with an image that’s similar to what I used to see on a CRT.

    1080p is much easier on the eyes (CEA-16 is my go-to for that) but I personally find it too sharp, and it especially shows the age in PS1 games. It also makes shader lines way too obvious, and that gets to be distracting for me.

  • @Eldrethor
    Will check it thanks :)

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