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Show favorite on detail page?

  • I recently cleaned out a bunch of dupes from one of my rom folders. I am now going through and marking favorites again, since some of the dupes I deleted were the one that happened to be marked as favorite.

    And it occurred to me, I don't know of a way to see that a given game is marked as a favorite except to go to the favorites list or open up the game metadata. Is this correct? Is there a theme tag that would let me put a star or other icon, or in some other way indicate that a game is marked as a favorite?

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    @rkoster You can filter in the system's list by favorites. Press Select and then 'Filter gamelist' to choose only favorites to be displayed.


  • Yeah, I was aware of that, but it does the opposite of what I was looking for, since it therefore hides the games that I need to mark as faves. :) Flipping back and forth isn't really practical; it's actually better to just hit the favorites button on any game you are unsure of, and if it turns out it removes the game, hit the button again. Thanks though!

  • @mitu I have to apologize, as I discovered that my hasty assumption was wrong! You can filter by favorites = false, which makes it much easier to go through a list and catch faves that you missed. :)

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