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  • @mitu I think I've found the problem. It comes up saying my country and locale isn't set. Can't see why I need to set that as the WiFi goes straight through to my router which is obviously working. So I went to item 4 in that setting and the list goes on forever. No idea what to select or even where it is. Choices like en-gb-8 or something like that. I'm in Australia, Perth Western Australia which is in timezone +8 but I've scrolled down endlessly and can't find it. Is this where my problem lies?

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    @PCKid The 3B+ model needs the country set for the Wifi to work, it's in the release notes for both RetroPie 4.4 and the Raspberry Pi model.
    Run raspi-config, either from the RetroPie menu or manually from the terminal with sudo raspi-config, then under Localization Options, you have the Wifi Country entry - Australia is near the top of the list.


  • @mitu Ok That was the problem. Now it all installs and under packages, drivers it says ps3controller (installed). Finally. I've been at this for nearly a month. But reading the next instructions I'm not quite clear. Currently controlling all with with my Logitech wireless keyboard configured as input. Do I plug in my ps3controller via USB and then reboot and go to configure input with the controller or the keyboard? and then at what stage do I pull out the controller and try and get it to connect via Bluetooth. Almost there I feel. Just this final stage.

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    @PCKid Use the sixaxis helper instead of the ps3controller. Follow the instructions in the Docs to pair it, then configure the controller in Emulationstation as shown in the Controller configuration page.

  • @mitu getting closer. When I disconnected the number one red dot is solid on the controller. But nothing works on the controller. If I plug it back in and go to Bluetooth display registered and connected Bluetooth devices it shows number one as Sony PS3 controller and number two my iMac. I thought it was interfering so I shut it down. But it says no active connections.

  • @mitu now I’ve taken out the iMac as an additional driver. There’s only the ps3controller but it still doesn’t work when removed from USB

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    @mitu it also prompts it when going into WiFi config on a RPI if the country is not set.

  • @BuZz yeah I’ve now got it to the point where I’m almost fine. Just this one hiccup where it is connected as a Bluetooth device. But says no active device. Red 1 light is solid meaning it sees it as a controller but since not active no buttons work. Plug into into USB and then it works.

  • @BuZz redid it all. When I configure input it says it's a Shawan controller so I select the six axis controller and also configure for third party controllers. Now shows registered devices as, line one, Sony PLAYSTATION 3 Controller and below that Active Connection > ACL 01:66:84:B8:63:25 handle 11 state 1 lm 1 MA 1 lm MASTER. Can program the buttons via USB but when I disconnect even though red light one is solid the buttons don't work. I did the whole connect via USB, unplug and press PS3 button and replug in then it says unplug and it will work but it doesn't. Says successfully authenticated PS3 controller. But no luck.

  • @PCKid ok hold the horses. Just fiddled with the controller in Bluetooth ie disconnected and some of the buttons work on the controller just not all and messed up. EG analog sticks work up down left right but none of the others do. Redid buttons now all good thank the maker. Thanks for all your help. No idea why it has suddenly decided to work but it does.

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