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The Future of MAME ROW - Vote For Your Preference

  • We've acknowledged that MAME ROW isn't getting the level of engagement that it used to. It was suggested that we change the format to get more participation.

    For this week, let's vote for what you want link and next week we'll go with what the majority choose.

    Feel free to discuss the nuance in this thread.

  • What about a non-winner from a previous week returning in the following week's choices? If the winner returned they may end up winning again and then the could go on a three month win-streak.

  • @IanDaemon I was suggesting a returning winner, but a non-winner is maybe good idea too. In case of many good games, they still have a chance of getting voted. This would be less work too, 4 new games and the second place from last time. I voted for 5 games and 2 weeks. But one problem with more entries is, that we need more participants too, because otherwise the chance of a clear winner is less likely.

  • I voted for every other week to give everyone more time; along with that, I think the voting period should be changed from 2 days to longer (maybe a week or something).

  • We're limiting ourselves to MAME 2003 (0.78) correct? Do we have enough games (or decent games) for a year or two?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @IanDaemon The number of theoretically working games on a Pi 3 is 2815. At three games per week that's 938 weeks, which is 18 years. We're good for a while.

  • I think to reduce workload and to get 5 games to select

    3 new games
    the 2 losers from last week (with highest rating, so silver and bronze)

    From Sunday-Thurday/Friday - Voting
    then two Weekends for challange

  • @cyperghost Thats about something like I wish. 3 games be the same work as before and 2 best games from previous week don't add any workload, as the text can be copied. And 2 weeks is reducing workload. In my opinion this is the best way.
    Only "problem" is, with more games to vote will end up less clear winners, maybe resulting in more draws.

  • @thelostsoul Well I hope it will work with this "modifications" and more people will join the MAME RoW again. Final call then ...

  • We can play off previous winners against each other until there is an all-time winner.

  • @VictimRLSH said in The Future of MAME ROW - Vote For Your Preference:

    We can play off previous winners against each other until there is an all-time winner.

    I vote against that idea. Too much personal preference. "Fighter people" are going to vote for a fighter, "Shooter people" for a shooter. At least with the weekly selections we're limited and forced outside of our comfort zone.

  • @IanDaemon I just want mention, even if I am a shooter and fighter person, I don't vote for fighters. I try to vote what would be "good" for the community and what is good to play with highscores in mind. I agree with your words and thats one of the reason why I played games and found them to be good, while I was against it initially.

  • A lot of good ideas on here. I think the 5 games and the carry-over from previous weeks will work. Bigger chance of getting games that people want to play, and more time to play them.

    Looking forward to this !

    Edit: Will it now be MAME RO2W then? :D

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