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MAME ROW #140 - Donkey Kong 3

  • There is only 1 level where you must spray him to the top, and that is the level he is throwing coconuts at you. In the advanced stages clearing the round by killing all the bugs is the only way to advance.

  • Yep, seems the game is all about clearing levels and preventing the plants from being taken (to maximize your bonus).

    On the first level, I cleared all the bugs one time to see if I'd get a higher score. No point advantage versus just using the super sprayer as fast as possible. I seem to get around 12k no matter what I do. You trade points for time with points for bugs.
    Maybe there is some advanced strategy to get more points. I suppose you could get more waiting for a bug to grab a plant, but that will also take even more time to clear the level.

    Just watched some of the video @cyperghost shared (first 8 minutes at least). The only extra point item I saw there is using your super sprayer in the 2nd level to kill the creepy crawlies. Otherwise work fast, time those jumps/sprays well to get DK off the screen on the yellow levels.

  • I've been playing a bunch of Hotdog Storm (after never hearing of it before this) and I have to admit it's pretty cool. It's right up there with some of my favorite SHMUPS.

  • Here is my high score for now. I may or may not come back later and try for higher one. I would probably have a hard time if I tried to beat the score of @gomisensei though :-]

  • Still not the best. dkong3-190707-090705.png

  • I set a new personal best today at 125,500, but not good enough (yet!).
    I have to fight the instinct to drop down when I get fired on. That's what gets me half the time.

  • @b3k Can we have a screenshot of your score?

  • I figured it wasn't worth posting unless it was a new hi score.


  • MAME ROW #141 is live!

  • New high score!!!

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