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[Question] Adding a Menu Box in EmulationStation?

  • Been getting a lot of really great help and feedback regarding some things I'm working on for a new theme idea, and the folks over in the support forum said more experienced designers here working with themes might have a better idea about this question.

    I want a black border to appear around my video game images in my theme. Right now, I'm just using Photoshop to put the black boarder where I want it on screen (as part of the background png file) and then editing the values in the XML to center the game covers/screenshots correctly.

    Is there a way to do this natively in EmulationStation? Meaning, can I have the file menu place a black boarder around each game cover as cycle through the game list AND have it change it's ratio in relation to the cover layout (IE: tall for NES games, wide for SNES games, square for PlayStation games, etc) all on the fly in real-time? You see this kind of thing done in Kodi all the time, was wondering if we can do it here.

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