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SNES USB Adapter or Teensy USB board for Super Famicom controller

  • Dear Friends.

    Earlier this year i went to this Retro Arcade bar in Copenhagen and tried out a SNES with a SFC controller and got hooked to the idea of getting my self a nice set of original Super Famicom controller for my RetroPie setup.

    Now i figured if i were to go with a SNES/SFC styled controller, i might as well go with the original hardware for that authentic feel. I just got lucky winning 2 auctions for 2 Super Famicom controllers from ebay (Japan seller) at a good price.

    I have been thinking about whether to go with a SNES USB adapter or modifying the Super Famicom controller with a teensy usb development board, so that it will turn into a USB device to be used with the Raspberry Pi.

    This is the link to the Teensy USB mod guide.

    How good does a SNES USB adapter perform with a Raspberry Pi/RetroPie setup ?

    The mod involves cutting a little piece of plastic from inside the shell to allow the teensy usb board to fit. The mod will make it much easier not requiring the SNES USB adapter.

    Let me hear your thoughts on this.

  • @tpo1990

    it seems like a good sollution and i like the fact that you arent actually "destroying" an original controller as you can just switch back to an original cord at any time.

    however, personally i never like the shift register approach and it seems to me like extra steps to translate it back to something the computer understands.

  • @Halvhjearne My preferred method is indeed to preserve the original hardware so that changes can always be undone.

    Maybe there is another way. I did managed to mod 2 original gameboy advance with ags-101 lcd mod and custom made micro usb charging lithium battery option without destroying the original shell. I think i will buy 2 SNES USB adapters to begin with and then i can always look on the internet after other options as well and they are pretty cheap on ebay.

    Thanks for your opinion. :-)

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