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screenscraper registration generator app made can i post here

  • screenscraper app for pc is made. registration generator
    retropie scraper
    when scraping on retropie for some time you will se you get red text saying you need to register or some sort of limits.
    pc software skyscraper
    on the pc skyscraper you will se more roms not found after some xxxx hours scanning and the speed slows down.

    to fix this skyscraper on pc you need new id and for that a software is made all you do is click it once and id and pass is made for you in 7 seconds,login with it and run skyscraper again you will se every roms gets scraped fast and no errors everything gets done fast.

    i think retropie skyscraper is not better then skyscraper pc app.
    if you want this app reply i will not post as i need permission first.

    one thing good about the pc version is you can scan alot 5k or more then just change id.
    on retropie once limit is hit you have to wait next day.
    on pc you can change vpn that is big if to make it work.

    how the app works.
    open it you will se 3 box.
    box1 = username
    box2 password
    box3 email
    all 2 box are randomized unique generated and saved.
    email uses temp email sites.
    click and in 6 seconds you got id made click click click

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    Just no. ScreenScraper is already overloaded as it is, your program just makes matters worse.

  • @mitu ok no problem.

  • @seagal By the way, if you're using ScreenScraper intensively, a donation or even monthly subscription via Patreon or would be an appropriate acknowledgement of their work and also help to cover their expenses running the website.

    (This is just my personal opinion, I'm not affiliated to ScreenScraper in any way aside from a normal user account.)

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