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Add in repository cores to emulators.cfg. x86 only possibly?

  • I've sort of done this on my Fork, but I would say it's hacky (I don't know half the stuff to do it in a way I would call proper) and could be done a lot better and more efficient by someone who actually knows how to code. I don't even know if it's useful I had just learnt the 'if [ -e ]' command and figured they are there might as well add them as I figuring out some other stuff.

    Thats adding in cores that have been installed to the system using the Libretro or distro PPA. Basically on (For example) the lr-bsnes script I have it to look for the various bsnes cores you can install if through adding the repository in /usr/lib/libretro/ . It then adds them to the emulator.cfg.

    So at the minute I have it looking for the whole name like "" and each core needing it added individually with a manually added addEmulator line. But I'm sure anyone with more skills than me could do it so it would just search for name of the core you were installing and add any that match.

    Anyways just a thought.

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