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New to Pi's n building a mini cab, anyone know if Tetris: TGM runs on the Pi3 or Pi4?

  • Long story short, I want a legit Tetris: The Grand Master cab. But it may be a while before I save enough for it or find one. So I was wanting to cheat and make a mini cab to emulate TGM and some bullet dodgers. I was told a Pi might be a good choice and was referred to here, but I've also seen elsewhere online people saying TGM runs like crap on a pi3 but nothing about the 4? Anyone have any info on this for me?

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    RetroPie is not yet fully supported on the Pi4, so there's no straight answer here. Looking at the MAME information for this game, I see it's been modified recently ( so even if it works with one of the arcade emulators included in RetroPie, the emulation is imperfect.

  • @Match5t1ck I'm using a pi4 overclocked at 1950mhz.
    Tested with
    fb-neo: I don't believe the game is supported.
    mame2003Plus: Loads to a green screen. Not supported.
    mame2010: 60fps. Playable.
    mame 2016: ~50fps. Not great.

    I tested as well.
    mame2003plus: 60fps, though I'm not sure how accurate the emulation is compared to fb-neo.
    mame2010: Boots me back to menu. No idea why.
    fb-neo: Minor drops to ~59.5 sometimes but 60fps most of the time.

    With mame, the newer the year, the slower it is, but will have better emulation. Fb-neo is actively developed.

    I'm not a dev so I'm not sure how optimized the arcade emulators are. I still need to do testing for myself with other games because I plan to mainly use fb-neo and a version of mame for games that neo does not support. Right now I'm thinking mame2010. 2016 I'll need to retest when it's properly optimized because I want to play deathsmiles and atm the fps is all over the place and nowhere near a stable 60fps.

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    id skip 2010 if i was you the input isint done right on it at all. Joysticks are hacked into the keyboard mame2016 is fine though.

  • @Match5t1ck you may want to have a look at this thread.

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