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[Tool] BestArcade

  • @Ashpool Maybe the shebang is just outdated? Let's see what @Voljega can tell us about it.

  • @Ashpool

    You're right Ashpool of course, now that I think about it, I use Spyder as an IDE in Windows and it does seem to execute the script in python 3.6.1 (previously 3.3), now the shebang is obviously outdated but might still take the lead on what the IDE does behind the screen.
    I had typicale troubles with Tkinter syntax linked to python version so clearly it must be one or the other

    I guess I must install an Ubuntu VM somewhere and try to compile it and execute it in both 2.x & 3.x see what happens, sorry for the mix up


    Yes as @Ashpool said, you should execute directly in command line through Python after compiling it. Now obviously my instructions are really incomplete and even misleading on linux and I should work on that...

    Sorry guys I have only learned Python by myself a while ago (mostly for this tool) and am still not very fluent around compilation and things like that (benefits and drawbacks of using an IDE...)

  • @Voljega No problem, kudos for your willingness to learn, to create something useful, and to share it with others.

  • Well I spent the evening trying to install Ubuntu VM with Virtual Box on my brand new pc with Windows 10....

    • Ubuntu 64 bits gets randomly stuck when installing on different pages whitout any reason
    • Ubuntu 32 bits is lovely, only an old LTS (as 32 bits was discontinuated) for which they deleted the apt-get repos (as always) so no git (or not without spending hours experimentig with alternate command lines in the terminal), prompts to update to the last LTS and then says the updater is not compatible with this update

    And to think I managed to install all that without trouble on my old W7 a yaer or so ago but deleted it since...

    So I lost a few hours for nothing, and didn't have any fun.

    At least I removed all 2.7 shebangs on windows and it seems to run fine

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    @Voljega we try to keep this forums readable for users of all ages, so please tone down the injectives.

  • @mitu didn't knew that, sorry.

  • @Voljega said in [Tool] BestArcade:

    So I lost a few hours for nothing, and didn't have any fun.

    Sorry to hear that - I am off for ~1.5 weeks now and whence I return, my priority is to finish my first control panel build (I am nearly done with the painting, then it's wiring that baby and finding a suitable way to mount it to the wall/upon a shelf) - but I have a working Ubu18.4 LTS VM running in VMWare Player, so i may give it a try.

  • @Ashpool no problem it's not your fault !

    • Ubuntu 64 bit VM doesn't manage to install despite everything in bios and windows10 beeing setup properly (SVM activated and Hypermode-V deactivated)
    • Ubuntu 32but VM manages to install but Canonical already suppressed all apt-get repositories for this version, so it requires a lot of extra step....

    I didn't even think about juste downloading the zip of the source code or even copying it through usb key, but I'm not sure even sure both python version were installed by default anyway, and I was exhausted...

    And off course I suppressed the 32bit VM

  • @Voljega Sorry for your troubles and thanks for the effort.

    Using an deprecated release has several disadvantages. Aside from the extra steps you mentioned, it's also unsafe to use it online (as any OS without security updates is), and your testing results may differ from users with up-to-date releases.

    Lubuntu still has 32-bit versions, and its last LTS 18.04 is still supported until April, 2021. The newest non-LTS release 19.10's support ends in June, 2020. The next LTS 20.04 will come out around the end of April this year.

    Although their official download page surprisingly doesn't list the still valid 18.04 LTS, you can get it from their archive of older releases. Be sure to get the latest snapshot (aka point release) 18.04.4, as it includes any updates until its release – which seems to have happened yesterday, good timing!

  • @Clyde
    Thank you I'll check that ass soon as I have the courage again ! ;)

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