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Completed "GhettoPi Boy" needs refinement...

  • It's me again, though first time in the Projects section on this, since it's more "show it off and get some suggestions" than the "something's not right, need help" I previously had when doing this. Although I do have an inquiry that is in line with the latter... Huh. Well, if this is more in line with a Help and Support suggestions I'll trot on over there. Just lemme know. :D

    Anyhow, I've been building a GhettoPi Boy along the lines of ETA Prime's design. At long last it's complete with an audio solution. But as you'll see in the attached photo, it is an...inelegant solution.
    BUT...It all works. So the build is complete, now it's time to refine, and the first order of business is implementing that speaker better. (sorry for crap photo quality - my cellphone camera sucks)

    Now this is a cheap speaker I got off eBay. It has an internal battery that charges through the 3.5mm jack(came with a USB adapter to charge it with) and a couple inches of wire I coiled up and taped down to keep it rigid. I've been meaning to learn to solder, and it's best to learn on cheap devices, so I'm thinking of cracking open the shell and cutting the wires short to make this a more low-profile solution. But I was also wondering about other possible audio solution people might have.

    I've seen a fair few integrated audio solution for the Raspberry Pi 3, but all of them require the use of the GPIO pins, which are needed for the display I use, so they're a no-go. But I figured I'd ask - does anyone know of a more integrated solution that doesn't require the GPIO pins? It can be bluetooth, 3.5mm, USB, or a combination thereof.

    Or, should I just stick to learning how to solder properly and altering this cheap(but VERY LOUD) speaker to be better integrated? I'm very itnerested in getting opinions on this.

    My second question IS a bit more Help/Support related, so if you would prefer I excise the following and make a dedicated Help/Support thread I will do so, but I figured I'd try to clutter up the forums less with what is a pretty minor issue. The controller I'm using is an Ipega 9055, and it works pretty well, except... When I go to configure the input, it won't recognize the input for moving the right analog stick to the left, or the R2/right trigger button.

    Now, this ISN'T the controller - everything else I connect it to reads these inputs fine, but Retropie refuses to acknowledge them. I originally got it to register without issue, but over the course of building this I've messed with the installation and had to resync it, and I've never been able to get them to cooperate after that first try. It's far from the worst thing, as 99% of the games I'm going to be playing won't be affected, but it would be good to have this working in order to access the full range of options available to me - especially when my options expand by way of my eventual planned upgrade to a Pi 4.

    So I'm hoping some of you out there can make some helpful suggestions on the audio solution at the very least. I've been enjoying creating this thing(even if it did have to sit quite a bit while I saved money for parts), and I'm looking forward to taking it a step further. ETA Prime never covered an audio solution on his design, and it's something I'm VERY interested in working out as best as possible.

  • Requested assistance no longer needed. Due a new discovery, I will soon be abandoning the GhettoPi. It has been fun making this, and it will not go to waste, as every piece shall be repurposed for another project I have in mind(save the gamepad, but even that can live on as my PC gamepad).

    But now, I need some other help... There is no way in the underworld I am going to have the soldering skills needed for my new project goal anytime soon. So I need help finding someone of sufficient skill to assemble this for me. I will of course pay for such services. If anyone can point to me a good and not too pricey place that can do so, I would appreciate it. (I'll be searching myself)

    It's been a fun project, and I look forward to the project it will now be transitioned into(a mini arcade cabinet) just as much.

  • This is a pretty old thread, but here goes. The 3.5 mm jack on the Pi is REALLY FREAKING LOUD. My idea would just be to use a pair of cheap earbuds wand some hot glue to make some speakers. The Pi's 3.5 mm jack can put some REALLY LOUD audio out, loud enough to have earbuds be used as speakers.

  • I plan on making a ghetto Pi in the near future, so anyone that also wants to can use this thread for reference.

  • *about audio

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