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  • Hello , I just received my ControlBlock and have spent the better half of the day trying to it to work. I'm not familiar with Linux so I've done my best to follow the instructions to a T and documented exactly what I have done below.

    When i run service --status-all It appears that controlblockservice is not running, but when i run sudo service controlblockservice status
    it says that it's loaded and active. I have also used the built in GPIO testing system to confirm the pins on the PI are working and active. I have also tried enabled SPI via raspi-config serv

    I do not have any controllers yet attached to the controlblock - I just attached a power switch - The switch will power the PI from a power off state - but does not initiate any type of shutdown.

    Photo of my system here -

    Raspberry pi 3b+
    Canakit Power Adapter
    Retropie 4.5.1
    (Latest downloaded on Retropie site as of Dec 02 2019)
    Samsung evo plus 32gb
    ps4 controller connected via usb / logitech usb dongle *for keyboard)

    Control Block 2.1 is attached to Raspberry Pi with Power switch connected
    Micro usb power is running to Control Block only. No power is connected to
    Raspberry Pi board.

    1 ) Downloaded Latest RPIE image and extracted
    2 ) used Etcher to burn to SD card
    3 ) Inserted into RPIE and powered on
    4 ) RPIE boots and launches RetroPie
    5 ) PS4 controller hardwired to USB - USB keyboard dongle inserted.
    6 ) Configure PS4 controller
    7 ) Configure Wifi in Retropie
    8 ) Exit emulation station to terminal

    9 ) Download Prequisties as per instructions.
    Ran these commands with No Errors Reported
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade -y
    sudo apt-get install -y git cmake g++ doxygen libc6 libc6-dev

    10 ) "Downloading" as per instructions with No Errors Reported

    ran git clone --recursive

    11 ) Building and installation - No Errors reported

    cd ControlBlockService2
    mkdir build
    cd build
    cmake ..

    Sudo make install

    Sudo make installservice

    12 ) Reboot

    If anyone has any advice - anything I have over looked or could provide help in anyway it would be greatly appreciated. My end goal is to modify an arcade 1 up cabinet I have.

    Thanks and have a great day.

  • Update : my friend came over to see if he could help as he is familiar with Linux.

    We again tried a fresh install but with the quick install method, confirmed service was running and driver was installed and had no success powering off the PI, completing the circut does power the pi, but that is not dependant on drivers or service.

    I did buy some buttons today but no use testing them until the power on/off feature works as intended. It simply is not calling the shutdown script.

    Browsing similar issues I hardly see any resolutions - one involved enabling SPI - which I did - the other involved 2 bad raspberry pi's which I tested the GPIOs and they are fine.

    Getting very frustrated as all instructions have been followed and all variables eliminated.

  • 3 hour mores of tinkering around.

    Hooked up my buttons and the control block IS working for player 1. Joystick and 8 buttons are confirmed working.

    Hooked up an LED and all the LED does is slowly pulse.

    I tried uninstalling the service and uninstalling and then manually re-installing and reinstalling the service to the same result.

    I also tried a fresh install without updating the dependencies in the event something had changed in them that caused the power off feature to stop working.

    Also double checked the switched I was using for power - and even just tried using a jumper to the same result.

  • Global Moderator

    I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with your ControlBlock.

    Your detailed instructions above give plenty of details that will help to track down the cause for your observations. In a first step I will take your description and try to reproduce the issue at my site.

  • Thanks Petrock!

    I've also tried as others have stated - Installing the drivers directly from Retro-Pie setup, With no luck - after enabling the driver and rebooting - I will have a pulsing LED

    My next step is to flash my SD card - reinstall a clean install of Retropie 4.5.1 and try to install the drivers directly from there.

    I don't believe the controlblock is faulty - I believe it's an issue with the driver which is beyond my understanding.

    Thank you for your help - Look forward to your feedback.

  • final update on my end :

    Tested by flashing 4.5.1 retropie to SD card ->Booted PIE -> Installed driver from retro pie setup -> driver -> control block.

    It installed and I enabled the driver and rebooted. After system came up - Led was still pulsing - I went to configure the joystick "4 game pads detected" so the Controlblock player 1 + 2 were detected ( my ps4 controller and USB keyboard were plugged in) But Icould not configure the buttons. (This is probably because i did not disconnect the wires from the controlblock prior to installing the driver)

    Hope we find a solution!

  • Global Moderator

    Ok, I can reproduce the issue. arcade controls via ControlBlock are working, but the power button does not work as expected. Something must have slipped through with the latest driver update. I will fix that today and give you an update here.

  • Global Moderator

    Sorry for that!

  • @petrockblog
    Thank you! This is FANTASTIC NEWS! I thought I was going crazy.

    I'm happy we were able to reproduce the issue so that if anyone else is affected they can find the solution in this thread and save themselves the time troubleshooting!

    Thank you for your help, I look forward to the fix.

  • Global Moderator

    I tracked down the cause to the Raspberry Pi driver side - and not the ControlBlock firmware. That is for sure and good news. I will now work on a fix for the driver. Plan to release it sometime this evening.

  • Fantastic.

    By any chance do you know if the driver was broken for all versions of Retropie? Do you think the new driver will fix it for future and past releases as well?

    Looking forward to the update.

  • Global Moderator

    I have just released the updated driver at Github.
    The driver is the same for all RetroPie versions.
    it would be great if you could give feedback here if that solves the issues on your side.

  • @petrockblog thanks Petrock.

    I will test this within the hour and report back.

  • @petrockblog Good News! It's working now. The LED went solid right after the quick install method. Power Switch confirmed working!

  • Global Moderator

    Glad to hear that!

  • Disregard!

  • Global Moderator

    ok, hope things are working for you now.

  • @petrockblog

    Thanks PetrockBlog! I just installed the Control Block on a Raspberry Pi 4 but due to the cooler I had to use dumont connectors - turns out i had 2 wires crossed - which solved my issue.

    One question I do have now though... On my RP3 i got a message when i hit my shutdown button that shutdown script had been initiated and it was shutting own. It was a quick screen of terminal text.

    On the RP4 though - The system just shuts down and there is no text regarding the shutdown script. Can you confirm on the RP4 this is correct? Or is there a way i can check to ensure the controlblock is running the shutdown script and i'm not just cutting power?

    Thanks :)

  • Global Moderator

    Glad to hear that!
    The PowerBlock only cuts the power if it observes the corresponding signal.
    You should be able to see log entries of the PowerBlock in the log file /var/log/syslog.

  • @petrockblog Thanks!

    I had a look at the system log and here are the first few lines of when i started the shutdown.

    May 17 22:38:30 retropie systemd[1]: Stopped target Sound Card.
    May 17 22:38:30 retropie systemd[1]: Stopping Session c1 of user pi.
    May 17 22:38:30 retropie systemd[1]: Stopped target Multi-User System.
    May 17 22:38:30 retropie systemd[1]: rpi-eeprom-update.service: Succeeded.
    May 17 22:38:30 retropie systemd[1]: Stopped Check for Raspberry Pi EEPROM updates.

    Does that look right to you? Or what should i be looking for?


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