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2D and 3D Fighting Games Raspberry handheld support

  • Hey there, I'm a fighting gamer and I want to talk about which is the best Raspberry Pi for 2D and 3D Fighting Games

    My minimum requirements are
    -Neo Geo, Capcom CPS1,CPS2 and CPS3 Library
    -Mortal Kombat Arcade version
    -Mortal Kombat Trilogy PS1

    Medium Priorities
    -Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max (PSP)
    -Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Dreamcast Version and SF Collection 2 for training Modes
    -PSP KOF Orochi Saga Collection (Training Mode)
    -SF3 Dreamcast Ports (Training)

    Maximum Priorities
    -Project Justice (Dreamcast)
    -Marvel vs Capcom 2 (Dreamcast)
    -Capcom vs SNK Pro and Capcom vs SNK 2 (Dreamcast)

    If anyone tell me the best handheld tell me

  • @HHHanzo if you want to have any shot at Dreamcast you will need at least a pi3b+. I would say get a 4 but I also see you note something about a handheld; unsure anyone has made a handheld case for a pi4. Also a fan helps on the pi3b+ a lot for psp and Dreamcast performance; I don’t know if any of the available handheld cases allow for a fan for the pi but if so you should get that over one without a fan to ensure best performance on the systems you are talking about.

  • @HHHanzo Plain & simple : you are not gonna be able to play all those games on a raspberry-based handheld :

    • no cps3
    • no dreamcast (neither naomi/atomiswave even if, weirdly, you didn't mention them)
    • no psp
    • i want to say no for mk arcade, but i might be wrong
    • even ps1 might be hard

    Even a raspberry pi cm3 based setup won't be enough (but maybe a cm4 will be available in 2020).

    Some alternatives if you wanna play those games on the go :

    • a mid/high end android smartphone with retroarch
    • a jailbreaked nintendo switch with lakka

  • @barbudreadmon Why no cps3 and mk arcade? I 'only' have a Pi 3 and have no problems with for example Street fighter III , arcade MK1-UMK3 and all my PS1 games play fine. Or are there no handhelds with a Pi 3 build in?

  • @BobHarris said in 2D and 3D Fighting Games Raspberry handheld support:

    Or are there no handhelds with a Pi 3 build in?

    Generally they are based on pi0 or pi cm3, but there might be some custom models around, they will be huge though, and the build quality might be so-so, far from a or a A cm3 based model might be able to handle everything apart from psp, dreamcast, and jojo on cps3 (which requires fbneo for proper playing, which requires a pi3b+); however at this price tag i would seriously consider buying a refurbished nintendo switch & jailbreaking it : it would end up being cheaper and handling dreamcast/psp emulation afaik.

  • @BobHarris Of course they need to read first, minimum requirements are MAME romset from at least 2006 (advance mame linux) and a FBA romset with CPS3 games runs well.

    Retro CM3 can be my first option for arcade only games and I'll be ok, and then wait for CM4 for better performance and add home port consoles of PSP and Dreamcast home and their based arcade boards.

    I can wait for Raspberry Pi 4 Module in mid 2020 at least.

    Nintendo Switch Lite its a plan B one...also I will buy an ipega with gamepad to make my recent smartphone or my 2017 one looks like a Vita but with Android.

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