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  • Hi.

    Wanted to share some photos of a theme I've built to see what people think and get some constructive feedback.

    Background for making the theme was that I wanted a theme/layout that was not that prominent in the theme browser.

    I have not used system logos, but instead using 3 "boxes" with pictures of systems, controller and/or games etc etc.

    Once you enter a system the background will stay the same but get an additional overlay to darken the content in the boxes to better read gamelist and game information.

    The artwork shown in the gamelist images are custom from my own synopsis system. For those interested here is a screenshot of the system:
    Basically I gather cover, title and two screenshots and have written a script that combines the files together into one PNG file. This is very custom to my setup obviously, but the box in the middle can also host other single images etc.

    Theme is only 16:9 at the moment, and is using "Slide" to move through the screens.

    System browsing:


    If people want this I guess I can share it at a later stage (Want to test out the theme on an official retropie rpi4 release when we get that eventually before I share)

    So, what do you think of it in it's current state?
    Would you choose another image in any of the boxes for any system?
    Do you have any tips to what other photos I could have used?

    PS: Huge thanks for the effort being put into retropie prior and post rpi4 launch. Looking forward to official builds!

    PS2: Any feedback is appreciated :)

    PS3: Also.. how to embed images directly into posts here? :P

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