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Attract Mode Themes

  • Hey group,

    I’m not sure how many Attract Mode users are still around … but I’ve been steadily creating new themes for it. I'm up to almost 20 or so now.

    While I mainly use a Windows PC based installation, most of these themes should run just fine on a Pi 3B/3B+ (and even better once we can run it on the Pi 4).

    Below are a few screenshots as well as a Youtube playlist showcasing what they look like (along with download information).

    For not those familiar with Attract Mode, it’s another optional front-end that can be installed in RetroPie as an alternative to Emulation Station.

    There’s some pros and cons to it of course, but for those that do use it, here’s some new themes to use.

    It does take a bit of additional work getting it setup on a RetroPie installation, but the end result is worth it to me. It's just a few more config files to make, but nothing too hard.

    Hope some find these useful!

    Within each video’s description, you’ll find the Github download link and info.

    Various screenshots


  • Hi,
    I like your work! Your layouts are amazing. But can you make layouts for 4x3 or 5x4 resolutions?
    Thanks a lot!

  • @Geier97332 ..thanks!

    I do now have 2 layouts suited for 5x4 aspect ratios on my Github.

    theme repos:

    For the themes I create, some have 2 variants (_menu and _systems).

    Their usage is setup for:

    *_menu = meant for the Displays Menu/nested category displays
    *_systems = meant for the individual systems displays

    I'll be creating more 5x4 aspect ratio themes in the future as well.

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