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RetroStats Web Application

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    I spent some of my free time building a stats tool for you to show how much time you spend in your games, which games you play and when you play them during the week.
    Up until recently you had to use the tool via command line interface, but to make it more usable to the average user I have implemented a web client that implements the same functionality, but in your browser on PC or in your phone. Here is some screenshots from the app.
    Old thread were some preview and instructions for the CLI tool is available.


    • CLI tool and browser app to view your stats

    • Histogram showing Total Time played per game

    • Histogram showing Number of Times you played a game

    • Histogram showing Average Session Time per game

    • Histogram showing Median Session Time per game

    • Heatmap showing which weekday and which hours during the day you spend the most time playing
      *Inclusive and exclusive per system filters, show only the platform you are interested in, such as Arcade, SNES or PSX

    • Skip sessions that are too short (you accidentally started the wrong game and immediately exited, default 120 seconds)

    • Decide the number of days you want to lookback for your statistics, see your game consumption for the last 7 days, just put 7

    • Number of games you want to include in the plot to make it easier to view, set to empty or 0 to show all games

    • Hover the graph for detailed information, such as exact play time or number of times played.

    • Recently played games (Currently CLI tool only)

    Desktop Browser





    Phone Browser



    Cool, how do install this on my RetroPie?
    At the moment there is only manual installation available, step by step instructions are available in the github-repo Go there and scroll down.

    Also available in the repo.

Contributions to the project are always appreciated, so if you would like to support us with a donation you can do so here.

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