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Creating a 2D game for RetroPie in Unity

  • For my school project I'm trying to create an arcade using a Raspberry Pi with RetroPie in it. The second part of the project would be creating a game for said arcade. I've trying to find the best platform to create the game on but I'm still not sure which one to choose.
    Love2D was reccomended to me by my teacher however I feel like a software like Unity with an UI would help me alot. My question is could I use Unity somehow and would the RetroPie run it, or is .lua/LOVE my only option?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You're not limited to Lua/LÖVE, you can use PyGame or Godot or really any other Linux supported library to develop your game.
    There's a RPI book (Code the classics) dedicated to re-creating old retro games using PyGame and a magazine series dedicatd to gaming (Wireframe).

  • Unity doesn't work but I think Löve is a great framework and very easy to code on. I also know they're very helpful on the official forums.

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