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  • Howdy folks!

    Here is a new theme I am currently working on called Sleek. It's inspired by the Nostalgic theme, and is focused primarily on a clean, simplistic style. Currently it looks best if your box art sizes are consistent in size for each game.

    Atari 2600 - I don't have a lot of roms added currently so the list is small.



    Sega Genesis


    Config Menu

    More to come.
    Let me know what you think!

  • @bradbradbrad nice work.

  • I like it a lot!

  • Oooh, it really is Sleek. I like it. Personally I would make the TVs a bit larger for preview videos but that's me I like more preview video than metadata, etc.

  • I really like it. Please make a 4:3/5:4 version!!

  • Nice theme. You have made some good work. I like it even though i won't be using it due to no metadata and no way to see how many players the game supports. It's sleek but i think it is a little too minimalistic. Also the previews could be even better if they can be bigger than they are now. Thank you.

  • I like it!! nice work!

  • Thanks for the feedback, all! I've made a few updates. I increased the size of the screens and also changed the background to add a bit of visual interest.

    I may also try to add some more metadata (player count, ranking, etc.), but I'm hoping to avoid too much clutter. Thankfully that would be a pretty easy add if I change my mind.

    Currently I plan to add more consoles, but it takes a while to create the graphics for each one. I have some templates based on which decade the consoles were released in, but handhelds need to be done individually. Right now I'm focusing on the more popular ones.



    Nintendo DS


    Dreamcast System Menu

    SNES System Menu

    Setup System Menu

  • Banned

    @bradbradbrad speak master!
    how is the progress of this beautiful thing?

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