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  • Hey all - i have a noob question. I setup a pi 3b+ in my Arcade1Up machine and it works perfect but i want to be able to monitor it from an iPhone app such as PiHelper but i cannot connect. I assume i need to enable SSH first and then use port 22? I basically want to monitor when my 5 year old turns the arcade/pi on when he isn't supposed to and i want to monitor temperature of the pi (very basic, i know). I appreciate any help!

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    Yes, as the docs mention, SSH is not enabled, but it can be easily enabled.

  • Thanks, i enabled SSH, am using port 22 and double checked the IP address but still won't connect. Could be an app issue. thanks for the response

  • Here comes a self plug.
    You can use my stats module to track when games have been played on the pi and which games that are played and monitor it from any browser.
    There is a PR to bring it into the RetroPie experimental menu, but joolswills (don't know what ping alias he has here) is focusing on RPi4 release right now, so it isn't prioritized.
    But there are step by step instructions on how to install it in the repo linked to from that thread.
    If you try it, I would love to hear what you think. And if you need any help, just let me know.

  • I’ve had great luck using vnc to monitor and control the rpi4 via my iPhone.

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