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Epic Noir - Dark Mode Theme

  • In collaboration with @nil06 (c64-dev) we present this brand new theme called Epic Noir.
    It's a Dark Mode theme and it is available to download from GitHub or From the Retropie Themes menu
    My last theme was shutted down due profit issues from other users, so please be conscious about this contribution.

    The theme contains an editorial feel with an epic look, just how you remind retro games as they where.
    88 systems are supported (included genres, collections, favorites and power for those who use it).
    It also supports an indicator system where you could display the position of your systems if you desire covering 16 systems plus power, setup (retropie) and favorites

    To make the indicator work with your build, you have to rename the png files located in ../art/indicator/.png , acording to your es_system order:
    If your first system is mame, you have to rename the png with the first white dot as "mame", if your second system is Neo Geo, you rename the png with the second white dot as "neogeo", and doing so until you achieve your systems with a limit of 16 systems.
    In case you dont have a power menu, you can replace this item too. Retropie and favorites are already set.

    Recomendation for Pi3B+:
    Split memory up to 512 mb
    Set Vram up to 150 mb


    EpicNoir 16:9
    EpicNoir 4:3

    Please suport us so we can improve the theme!

    Systems supported:
    3do, Amiga, Asmtrad Cpc, Apple2, Arcade, Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, atari 800, Jaguar, Lynx, AtariST, Commodore64, Colecovision, Daphne, Dreamcast , Famicom, Final Burn Alpha, Family Disk System, Game and Watch, Gamegear, Gameboy, GbColor, Gb Advance, Gamecube, Genesis, Intellivision, Kodi, Mame, Mastersystem, Mega32x, MegaCd, Megadrive, Msx, Msx2, N64, NDs, Neogeo, NeogeoCD, Nes, NeogeoPocket, NeogeoPocket Color, PC, Pcengine, PcEngine Cd, Ports, Ps2, Psp, Psx, Residualvm, Saturn, Scummvm, Sega32x, SegaCd, Super Famicom, Sg1000, Snes, Steam, Supergrafx, Turbografx16, Vectrex, Virtualboy, Wii, WiiU, Wonderswan, Wonderswan Color, X68000, ZXspectrum.

    Genres: action, adventure, beat em ups, fighting, fixed screen, platformers, puzzle, racing, rpgs, shoot em ups, sports, strategy

    Collections: all games, favorites, last played, custom

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • This is absolutely gorgeous! Who did the art for the system screens? Truly amazing stuff!

  • @simpleethat
    Thanks! I made the design and layout, the images are borrowed from different artists and carefuly placed as a background

  • I'm sorry, in collaboration with who now?

  • @lilbud sorry! Wrong tag!

  • @chicuelo THANK YOU!!! Gorgeous!!! There are themes…and there are chicuelos masterpieces of art.
    Simply love your work, very well done!

  • @chicuelo All good

    Though for a second I was like "did I black out and forgot that I designed an entire theme?"

  • My goodness, that is gorgeous.

  • Amazing theme buddy, this is highly appreciated!

  • can you please do it also compatible for 4:3 ? like to use for my gameboe zero. this looks so amazing

  • A fantastic looking theme! I’m so glad that you have decided to release your work again, just love your designs. When will this be available to from the es-themes menu?

    Once again, a massive well done to you and lilbud.

  • @rajbhalsod We are finishing some collections and optimizing some files, I think in the next days we will upload to GitHub

  • @retroplayer we will look forward to this in a future, by now we are finishing the wide version

  • Looks stunning!

  • @HurricaneFan Thanks! it will be available soon!

  • The theme is available for download now, just follow the link
    Please send your feedback!

  • Did anyone call my name? :)

    I am thrilled to be seeing such great response to this new project.
    From the initial idea by Nico to the final development it took a lot of work but the result is worth it.

    Among other things, one of the things that I'm personally quite proud about is the optimization of the theme. With the old Chicuelo theme I found that it was very heavy on the little Pi, and I wanted to try to optimize this one to run as fast as possible.
    As a result, all the code has been written from scratch and although it is fairly graphics-heavy, all the images have been optimized using algorithms to reduce their sizes (some by even 70%), while keeping the image quality as high as possible.

    As @chicuelo said, we are waiting to hear your comments about it! :)
    Hope you enjoy.

  • @chicuelo So, it's designed just for retropie? Because it doesn't work properly on my pc. :(
    I restarted emulationstation and the saturn background appeared. I restarted it again and it disappeared.

    It appears that it has to do with my laptop's display settings. The recommended display setting for my laptop is 125%. If I leave it at 125% then all themes won't fill the entire screen, but it will properly display all of the artwork. Pic below:


    I have to lower the display setting to 100% so they all cover the entire screen.
    It's on my end. I apologize.

  • @SP try to download it again , theme's folder size should me 44.50 mg

  • @Mr-Berlin I'll give it a shot. The one I downloaded is only 18mb.

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