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  • A couple days ago, I posted a splashscreen alt text
    and dropped a hint that I was working on something. but it is now done.

    I present...RADIOCADE

    alt text

    Finally done after a month of work, this was part of the reason I have not been participating in the MAME ROW contests, (Don't fret @meleu, I'll be back to kick your butt next week.)

    This cabinet was an old store display for Sears-Roebuck in the 70's. It would be used to display car stereos. But I fixed it up, took the radio out, and placed...

    • Raspberry Pi 2
    • Old laptop screen

    And a random assortment of different wires and other things.

    alt text

    And on the side are 2 big speakers...

    alt text

    (Video game music sounds amazing through these speakers, but Bohemian Rhapsody at full volume you could feel in your bones.)

    Hope you all enjoy.

  • @lilbud well done dude! And welcome back to MAME ROW! :-)
    My arcade cabinet arrived a few days ago and it really increased my will to get hi-scores on MAME ROW. I think you'll have problems on this matter. :-)


  • By the way, what's the resolution of this screen?

  • 1366x768

  • @meleu Is it the NEO-GEO one you mentioned a while ago?

  • @lilbud Yep. I'm in love with it!


  • cool,
    im going to make a cabinet with a car radio as the audio amp, it seems like a good idea, I would love an old vintage radio like that to make it look better, good work

  • @spruce_m00se Sadly, it is just the front plate of the radio. The car radio was trashed and didn't work, so we ripped off the front panel and knobs.

  • @lilbud electronics are rarely beyond repair, especially old electronics.
    I bet you could get it working again.

  • @spruce_m00se Nah, we tried, but it kept cutting out.

    Besides, its beyond repair, its in a landfill somewhere.

  • @lilbud lol, ok once it makes its way to a landfill then ite beyond repair.

    Im trauling ebay looking for a nice old school one to hack up and run my audio through.

  • It's been a while, welcome back. Sadly the Radiocade has been in storage since my shop flooded last summer. But that hasn't stopped me from working on parts of it.

    I needed one more project to get a passing grade for Woodshop in school, and after building a bookshelf I decided no more furniture. (It is a lot of work to do in school, difficult to transport home.)

    So, now what? I had about a month left and needed something to do. So I rebuilt the arcade stick for the Radiocade. Considering the one I had was made out of scrap MDF and other scraps from around my shop, I wanted something nicer looking. So when my teacher left and the old teacher took over temporarily. The old teacher started reorganizing the shop and found some walnut (the good stuff too.) So after asking permission, I set to work making an arcade stick.


    I wanted something a little more permanent and figured this would work. I went for a two tone look to match the accidental mix-match on the cabinet itself. (Dark wood outside, lighter wood bezel.) Outside is antique walnut (about 30 years old.) Inside is Pine hardboard. I used Suzo Happ long stem buttons with a Sanwa JLF Stick.

    Hopefully sooner rather than later I'll get the cabinet up and running.

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