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new scriptmodules (lr-vice-xvic, gsplus, proper lr-mess integration!)

  • @valerino Hi, I've installed the lr-vice-xvic scriptmodule. It works fine with tapes and disks, but I can't make it work with cartridges. Is there a specific setting that I'm missing?

  • @saccublenda hi, this is dependent on vice itself, it has nothing to do with the lr-vice setup script. try others, i experimented that myself, some carts works and some not. there may (i haven't checked deeply) be core options in lr-vice affecting it, they may be set via command line options (so you could theoretically modify the installer script to add them), but i sincerely don't know. just experiment yourself :)

  • @valerino It is indeed a problem of lr-vice itself.
    When you install vice it creates several emulators, including vice-x64 (which just runs x64 %ROM%), vice-xvic (which runs xvic %ROM%), and vice-xvic-cart (which runs xvic %ROM% -cartgeneric).
    The Vic-20 cartridges so run fine with vice-xvic-cart, and lr-vice runs fine C64 cartridges, but it fails to run Vic-20 cartridges.

  • This has my hopes up to play a couple of bbc games.
    I’ve followed the instructions, but I fear my bios files for bbc may not be correct. Whenever I try to start a game I just get a white outline box with a tiny word (which I can’t read because it’s a small screen) and cannot do anything from there. Can anyone confirm the md5sum for,, and
    I have to reboot the system each time I try:(

  • Hi

    how straightforward is it to add Atom, Apple 1 and 3 and other machines via mess, and your script? No doubt I can run it via mess but i thought i'd ask if there was a self-serve option, or, if you please had plans to add others to your script?

    thank you v much for what you've done! adding the 2 casio PV's and apple2 GS to my pi 3 now - thanks again!

    (BTW! I've had bbc micro and electron working pretty well via advmame /advmess for some time inc sound, and auto-loading disk and tapes. There's a thread on retropie forums about it, if the issue with sound here isn't resolved. Atom,I've never got working right in advmame)


  • does lr-mess emulate the sharp x1? if so, is there some guidance someone could point me to? i've been using lr-x1, but i have some roms that won't open in that emulator and looking for other emulator options.

  • This is really nifty, nice job @valerino!

    For anyone who wants to play Arcadia, Creativision and Astrocade stuff I walked through button mappings here: (scroll down past the MESS setup instructions).

  • @roslof
    Can you provide a checksum for your MESS BIOS files for the TI99/4A?

    I've been working on getting the *.rpk files running. They start just fine and I get the main screen where I have to pick a number for the game. So at that point, everything works good.

    After I chose, it just goes to a blank teal screen and sits there, the actual game never starts.

    I'm thinking it's a BIOS problem. I've tried a few different ZIP BIOS files from various MAME/MESS versions .. but so far, I've not have any luck.

  • @dmmarti no problem, but to me, it sounds more like a symptom of the .rpk itself. You've tried multiple from different sources?

    Here are the BIOS md5 checksums:

    19350381a062a70feff18748eb6692fa \retropie\bios\
    26e6f317aff0f120cea2d7bcf69c3a6b \retropie\bios\
    92a4ac9559874cf7116709421d8ba63d \retropie\bios\

    Of course, these are ZIPs of several files, so possible the checksums will be different if ZIP itself was compressed with a different tool or compression method.

    FWIW: My file contains:
    folder: ti99_4ev
    folder: ti99_4qi
    file: 994a_grom0.u500
    file: 994a_grom1.u501
    file: 994a_grom2.u502
    file: 994a_rom_hb.u610
    file: 994a_rom_lb.u611

    Hope this is helpful.

  • @roslof Thanks!

    I haven't tried other *.rpk files as the ones I have work with stand alone MESS.

    I'll verify my BIOS files versus yours and hunt down some other game files.


  • @valerino I have got to ask Can you add a script for the Atari Jaguar CD? Also this has answered some of my prayers. Can't thank you enough.

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