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new scriptmodules (lr-vice-xvic, gsplus, proper lr-mess integration!)

  • @dmmarti Really very interesting! Could you share the scripts you used to install machines that are not present in @valerino's scripts?

    The machines are these:

    • Camputers Lynx
    • Fujitsu FM Towns
    • Fujitsu FM Towns Marty
    • Memotech MTX
    • Sharp MZ-2500
    • VTech Laser 200
    • Tandy TRS-80 MC-10


  • @shift ..sorry, haven't been on the forum for a bit.

    I'll try and get my scripts either uploaded somewhere or issue a PR against his Github repo for them.

  • @dmmarti said in new scriptmodules (lr-vice-xvic, gsplus, proper lr-mess integration!):

    I'll try and get my scripts either uploaded somewhere or issue a PR against his Github repo for them

    thanks @dmmarti ! I'm sure that, besides me, you'll make many other emulation enthusiasts happy.

  • @shift and @valerino

    I've created a new Pull Request (at least I hope I did it right). I've added 10 new scripts for additional systems.



  • Trying to launch an ADAM game and I get the following error which crashes the Pi:

    I have tried both .dsk and.ddp files and made sure I'm selecting the correct option from the launch menu.

    Any ideas?

  • @dmmarti How did you get Coleco ADAM to work? I keep getting this crash screen trying to boot a .dsk or .ddp image:

  • @tpr You need to make sure you have the BIOS file in the RetroPie/BIOS directory.

    Running "sum" against it, here's my file:

    39492 53

    You may have to try a few different versions of the file, but one of them will allow it to work.

  • @dmmarti Thank you!

    Third time was the charm!
    adam DK.jpg

    I had all the ColecoVision BIOS files but for the life of me couldn't get Google to give me anything for ADAM until I Googled

    It's up and running now!

  • For some systems not supported by ScreenScraper or others (like Gamate or GameMaster), here .xml and downloaded_images .


    from : Tutorial: Handheld and Plug & Play systems with MAME

  • @dmmarti Thank you so much!

  • I had installed a lot of system manually. Yesterday and today I installed your scripts. The two methods work in parallel without harming each other. Honestly wow !!!! great job guys your scripts are really great.

    I didn't install with the hyperlinks, I downloaded the scripts and made cherry picking after. It works great!!

  • EDIT: Script is updated to version 1.1. Read edit below for more information.

    Hi all,

    Yesterday I made a script that wil bulk generate more than 2000 lr-mess-<systems>.
    This is version 1 !. It's more or less a proof of concept. It's created fast and a bit dirty. I still have to improve things.
    But I can confirm it works !. The idea was born in here :
    Just after we manually created two for P2000T(testing for cass support) and Sharp X1.

    So if you are adventurous, try it at your own risk !

    • Install MAME first in your RetroPie-Setup, if you didn't already !!!!

    • Download the script from
      It's in "00-scripts-00"

    • Run it with : bash
      It will make a libretrocores directory in the directory you started the script from and writes al the generated files in that directory.
      (this will take about 6 minutes)

    • Choose the script you want to try and copy that to :

    • Install your choosen <system> from your RetroPie-Setup

    I did a huge updated on my script.
    WOOOOOWW :-)
    4100 seperate files are being generated.
    If you want it all, it can take up to 10 minitues, or so !!!

    Now all system with more media (quik, cas, flop1, dump, cart) are splitted.
    So for every media, we now can install multiple commandlines depending upon the media.

    I also added a simple script( that can be edited.
    If you run this script after editing, then it will only generate your desired systems.
    (I already placed a few in there)

    I did many tests. Perhaps there is still mistakes, but I am real confident.

    It's already on github.

    Advise( if you used my first script ):
    The names are changed depending on the supported media. So I advise you to uninstall the old ones first and than remove the files also.

    In the next update I can add more info about each computer in the script.
    So everybody can see much more info about the system in the "package help"

  • I can also confirm that it works. It's not quite as compatible as 'normal' mess yet, but it is a first version. And on the other hand it enabled me to use systems I could never get to work in lr-mess without scripts, ie. PC6001.

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