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Yea... I am a complete hoarder..

  • A colleague of mine asked me what retro games I got (ROMS). . Started to count what I got (Including hacks) and it struck me... I am a retro game hoarder...

    Started a list..
    9 games for Atari 2600,
    60 games for Atari 7800,
    127 games for FBA,
    10 games for NES DiskSystem,
    63 games for GameBoy Advance,
    32 games for GameBoy Color,
    631 games for Mame,
    2 games for GameCube,
    252 games for GameGear,
    14 games for ps3,
    74 games for ps2,
    104 games for ps1,
    66 games for Master system,
    726 games for Megadrive,
    32 games for Nintendo DualScreen,
    100+ games for NeoGeo,
    707 games for NES,
    270 games for N64,
    96 games for Turbograf/PCEngine,
    33 games for Sega 32x,
    6 games for Sega CD,
    764 games for SNES,
    2000 games for Amiga,
    147 games for C64,
    203 games for Dos/win,
    probably missed alot of other systems...

  • lol, you're nowhere near a hoarder. I see almost zero fullsets in your list.

  • I've got a NAS with a pair 6TB drives (mirrored) dedicated to ROMs (the other pair of drives is for other media and my photography). I've got almost all of the consoles and handhelds covered up to the 64 bit era with at least complete US sets (when getting into CD based games I will drop the foreign language stuff that I can't understand well enough to figure out how to play).

    With all that I will say that so many of the games will never actually be played and so many of the games really aren't that great or just re-hashes of other (better) games. I just can't help myself to try to get everything. (and I have what is probably an unnecessary number of hard drives at home...).

    Also not having a data cap is pretty amazing.

    Keep collecting! There are some great little gems hiding out there.

  • @simpleethat I trust that you have a good backup concept? 🙂

  • @Clyde said in Yea... I am a complete hoarder..:

    @simpleethat I trust that you have a good backup concept? 🙂

    When you've had at least a half dozen drive failures in your life it tends to happen I guess.

  • @Magnum77

    Those are rookie numbers. 😉

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