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Mausberry Shutdown Circuit NES Build Help?

  • @Captain-Awesome No probs dude. I'm the same and an extra set of eyes can spot something you ruled out without thinking, so glad to help.

  • I'm trying to find it but haven't had luck yet...
    Is it possible or not to make it where the reset button on the Mausberry circuit has to be held for 5 seconds? Other than that mine works as it should, powers on, safely shuts down, and the LED works as it should as well just the reset button resets it immediately when pressed.

    Anyone have any input on this? I have tried to make contact with Mausberry but no luck.

    Thanks in advance,

  • @happygreens7 Probably. It would require adding some code to the script to watch for a set amount of time to pass before executing the next command. I wouldn't know how to do the programing, but essentially you have:

    Watch for Reset Button to be Pressed
    Reset Button Pressed
    Execute Reset Command
    Return to Watching

    You'll be adding this:

    Watch for Reset Button to be Pressed
    Reset Button Pressed
    Watch for button being held
    Release before timeout?  -> Return to Watching
    Timeout reached? -> Execute Reset Command
    Return to Watching

    But like I said, I don't know how you would actually write that into the script. But I would definitely think it's doable.

  • @Captain-Awesome Thank you for this post, I was having the same issue. The GPIO pins that I looked at online had incorrect number listings, added with the comment about switching the wires from the first image, I was able to get mine running. Without your post (And the really helpful reply) I wouldn't have been able to get mine running! Thank you again!

  • Wow, I used their Web site and the setup section was correct. Can't remember the pin connections but it worked first me.

  • 0_1493710814383_USING NES POWER SWITCH.jpg

  • Hello together, thank you for your instructions. Thanks also to japanwings for the plan. I still have a problem with my LED. I have everything connected as according to the plan of japanwings, power and reset works fine, only the LED does not light up. I have also rotated 180 as described. I thought then only, maybe the LED is defective, made a second turn, but this does not light either. I then came to the idea of ​​measuring the current arriving at the LED and this is only 1.5V. Is not that too little? Because on the Mausberry yes also 3V Out LED stands? Has anyone perhaps also the problem or can help me there? Of course there would still be the possibility to connect the LED with resistor directly to the GPIOS of the Pi, I thought I'd ask first. Thank you for the answers.

  • Do a continuity test on the diode if you have a meter

  • Hi, I have a test done with a tester. The LED is lit. I have also tested it with a second LED and lifted it to the soldering points of the white and orange cable, as it did not illuminate. But when I had connected this with the yellow one, it shone. Can it be that the allocation with my NES plug is different? But since the rest so works, I will simply disencade the LED and connect an LED directly to the PI via GPIO.

  • I still notice. When in Emulationstation, e.g. in a game the description changes and a new game scrapt etc. and one presses the Power Button, then this is not saved. If you go to Shutdown System at Emualtionstation, then yes. Is there an experience with it that you have to change something at the skirpt of Mausberry? The first Emulationstation is closed and then the shutdown process begins?

  • So it's definitely like that when you press the power button, the metadata in ES will not be saved. Does anyone have experience in it? That one changes the mouseberry script, which is first closed ES and then the PI drove down?


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