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Using more than one image in detailed view

  • Not sure if this should be here or under the themes subforum, but since I guess some ES hacking should be involved I put it here.

    I've searched around and I've seen it's not possible to render video (the game playing, for example) in a theme, but what about having two images shown at the same time?

    What I want to do is to show two images of the same game: the box art and a screenshot of the game playing. Both of them png or jpg (I mean, not animated). I guess I should create a new tag in the gamelist.xml (for example, <image> for the cover and <screenshot> for the other one) so the theme can recognize them.

    Could be Retropie/ES files edited or should it be recompiled to do that? Is there a theme that already does something similar?

    I'm using Retropie 3.7 in a Pi, but I'd use the latest version if needed.

    Any help is welcome, thanks!

  • @Solop I think it would be "simpler" to scrape your roms using a MIX profil instead, as the Universal XML Scraper allows it.


    Anyway, sselph might add such a profil to his scraper in the future as well:

  • Thanks, @paradadf That looks quite good (and it saves a lot of work). If I understood it correctly, the Universal XML Scraper would generate a unique file mixing both images.

    That would be a nice solution and I guess that's the one I'll use (although I'm still interested in seeing if it's possible to have two separate images, mainly because you can have them in separate views of the theme).

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