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Shop selling retropie

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    @PetroRie preaching to the choir.

    Problem is these companies are also money worshipping a holes as you say. They don't care about legalities as long as they get their cut. The only way would be to get a registered trademark and fight them against that with a lawyer but even then... Joys of open source.

  • @PetroRie I think they've tried with limited success. From what @herb_fargus has said in the past, the likes of kickstarter etc aren't too interested and eBay and Amazon make it really difficult to report these sellers effectively and have the listings removed.

  • @herb_fargus I know it sounds wrong what I'm going to say but these kind of activities are giving piracy a bad name. Normally piracy wasn't like how it was now, it was limited and acceptable only to a group of "sceners", people who saw the protection on software as a challenge to tackle. "warez" was only available to the people who're a part of the scene and was on FTP servers. Nowadays everything get leaked by some greedyass gadmin who wants to impress his friends with his 1TB box till they get exposed.

    I was a software cracker and a game hacker and joined an 0day group, I cracked many applications, removed the protectors, made many game trainers for PC games etc. It's just a challenge, but the people who're giving it a bad name are the ones who sell it for profit. I never liked it when someone sold anything, its just wrong. I remember a couple years ago there was one guy who had set up a site and sold copies of XBOX360 and Wii games. The site got eventually closed and he got busted.

    Back on topic:
    I'm glad RetroPie has so many options and that the configuration can be a pain in the ass for a non tech savy person. If RetroPie would go mainstream I think it would negatively impact the project.

    I would say lets report these people to Nintendo lol or any other anti software piracy organization who takes action against these kind of activities.

  • @herb_fargus


    There was this case regarding software that was developed by a group of individuals and then sold by another

    There might be something there worth looking at but from memory I think it cost a lot of money to prove the case.



  • I just saw this in my Facebook feed about Retrostation Sigma:

    Raised $200k in 48h! Don't forget to get yours from $59.
    --> 1000% Funded in 48h
    --> Limited number of Early Birds

    What did I just see? LMAO. The first sentence is hilarious. And what do they even mean 1000% funded? So if I donated like 10USD and re-funded my money I would receive a 1000% extra of the money I donated? Who this is a casino in reverse.

    What do they even mean with limited number of early bids? Are they trying to re-create a mini NES situation? So people can bid for some devices before they start selling them? Whats the point of that, I think this is an OrangePi with RetroPie on it. It's not a rare item...

  • New one that Facebook thought I might be interested in...

    Even says, right there, clear as day, that it comes pre-loaded with RetroPie and puts a link to the site there. Surely that's enough @BuZz @herb_fargus to get them?

    Oh, and they all come loaded with ROMs.

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    @markyh444 I wrote to the hosting company, but often things like this get ignored. Even if they did get closed, they could just put their site up on another web host.

  • @BuZz fingers crossed. I'm getting sick of people ripping this project off for a quick buck. Makes me sad inside... 😪

  • @markyh444 The NES cart was done buy a guy on YouTube. I think they started to selling them after they watched his clips lol.

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    I got a reply:

    Thanks for this - I'll forward the report onto the reseller hosting the website.

    (The reseller may well be the person themselves or a friend, so I don't think much will happen).

  • @BuZz As another update, Facebook keeps telling me to order one of these.

    I read some of the comments and one fella asked the poignant question of how he managed to get permission from all the many many copywrite holders to do this. He had no replies.

  • @markyh444 said in Shop selling retropie:

    @BuZz Facebook keeps telling me to order one of these.

    I have the same problem. They have been spamming me over and over. Well, at least some of the comments are fun to read.

  • Just had another look at the Facebook page and I think @BuZz got their website suspended. But they've moved to a shopify site now.

  • @buzz Looks like they've got the original site back now... 😪

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    @markyh444 hosted on their home broadband now. Nothing that can be done - could keep reporting them, but there are so many people doing this. Just have to not worry about them.

  • @BuZz said in Shop selling retropie:

    @markyh444 Nothing that can be done

    We could DDoS them (evil laughter) mwhuahuahuaaaaaaa. Nah just kidding. Couldn't we report them to some kind of anti piracy organisation?

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    @PetroRie said in Shop selling retropie:

    Couldn't we report them to some kind of anti piracy organisation?

    I nominate this guy. He might not be the most effective, but he's definitely the rootines tootiness option out there.

  • @mediamogul Hahaha, LOL those boots and the hat on the index page made me laugh so hard for some reason. Is this service for real? The site looks, I don't know *** giggling *** I thought this guy was a troll.

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    @PetroRie said in Shop selling retropie:

    Is this service for real?

    There's a history with this guy. Early on, large companies and celebrities, such as Disney and Prince, hired him to protect their intellectual property and he was actual very successful for a time. However, when he tried to take on the Pirate Bay guys, they openly disregarded his authority and publicly mocked him for well over a year by posting the hilarious e-mail correspondence on their website. To my understanding, this led to his larger clients abandoning him after witnessing first hand his inability to make good on his protection claims. Some say you can still hear his spurs jangle every time a CD is ripped to a hard drive.

  • @mediamogul said in Shop selling retropie:

    Some say you can still hear his spurs jangle every time a CD is ripped to a hard drive.

    Haha sounds like a fire camp horror story.


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