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if your thinking of using retropie...

  • I say go for it .. I ordered a canakit from amazon, and 2 controllers and a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse.. thought It was going to be a nightmare to put together, and get up and running but.. it only took me about an hour to get it installed, and running (that's working slowly).. I had a little issue with getting the keyboard working, but that was my own fault, never having had a Bluetooth device I didn't know what paring it was.. but once I did that.. boom works great.. even connecting to wifi was a breeze.. this set up works great for a retro gaming machine... I have 420 games installed and working..

  • @MuppetMikey I use retropie on my pi 3 and it works pretty well. I am using a FC30 Pro controller currently.

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    I started using RetroPie to clean those tough bathroom stains that most products leave behind. After realizing that it was intended to be a retro gaming platform, I found that it still outperformed it's competition by a wide margin.

    Would buy again.

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