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Theme based on io with video (i can ear the sound of the video playing but no image)

  • I'm doing a theme for myself based on the io theme, i've added the video options but they the video i guess its playing but its not showing.

    I've taken off all the image extra=true too confirm that is not the problem, i can ear the video playing but the image appearing is the one from the md_image.

    system specific configuration:

    any clue?

  • What if you moved your whole BASIC view right under System view settings. I don't think its supposed to be after the Video view section.

  • @giventofly I'm at work at the moment, but I'll have a look on my lunch break. I haven't gotten around to adding Video Previews to Io yet, as I'm in the middle of a new theme.

    Off the top of my head without looking at your code:

    You'll have to change <image name="bg_color" extra="true"> to <image name="background"> for <view name="video">, otherwise the background will sit on top of the video.

  • @giventofly Okay, so I was right with my initial thought. The Video is sitting behind the background.

    I don't know if you know much about "Z-Index", but it's basically the order in which things sit on the z-axis of the page. Something with a z-index of 1 will be behind something with a z-index of 2.

    <video> has a z-index of 2, and the only element that sits behind it is <image name="background"> which has a z-index of 1.

    Io uses <image name="bg_color" extra="true"> to fill the whole background with #d8d8d8. This element has a z-index of at least 3, so it will always cover the video. In your <view name="video"> tag you need to either set:

    <image name="bg_color" extra="true">


    <image name="bg_color" extra="true">

    This will either remove the background image, or make it fully transparent (respectively).

    Now, if you want that background colour back in the Video View, you will need to make another element with the same parts as "bg_color", but called "background", and without the "extra=true".

    It will look like this:

    <image name="background">
      <size>1 1</size>
      <pos>0 0</pos>
      <origin>0 0</origin>

    As for the position of the Video, there are 3 tags we need to worry about:

    • <video name="md_video">
    • <image name="md_image">
    • <image name="md_marquee">

    The first step is to work out where you want the "md_video" and what size you want it. The <maxSize> tag doesn't work, so you will have to set a specific <size>. Most videos will be in the 4:3 ratio, so use an aspect ratio calculator (or photoshop or something) to work out the best size for your video (320x240, 640x480 etc). Then place it with <pos> and <origin>.

    If you have <showSnapshotNoVideo> set to "True", then the video will use the "md_image" tag as a placeholder until the video starts. You don't need to set the <size>, <pos> or <origin> of the "md_image" because it takes these straight from the "md_video". For this reason, it's a good idea to use screenshots for the "md_image" tag, as they are generally the same size/ratio as the video.

    You can then place "md_marquee" however you wish on the page. Just remember that it will cover the Video, as it has a much higher z-index.

    If you need anything else, let me know.

  • @mattrixk wow, thank you so much for your time, didn't know you were the one that did the IO theme. is one of my favourite, just tunning to get the things i want more.

    will try your sugestions, and for sure they will work.

    thank you

  • @giventofly no worries, glad you like it. After I've finished my current theme I'll be going back and adding video to my others.

  • @mattrixk quick question, is there a way to reduce the video sound ?

  • @giventofly I'm sorry, I don't know. That sounds more like a question for @fieldofcows, considering he's the awesome bloke that made the Video Preview mod. It might be mentioned somewhere in this thread, but it's over 440 posts long now (I think it's the longest thread on this whole forum) and that's a lot to slog through to find the answer to a single question.

  • everything working fine, but after i see some videos ES crashes with stack smashing detected. Is this normal, i have videos in all my systems.

  • @giventofly I think there is an issue with too many videos, or videos with too high resolution. This is the original Video thread where it might be mentioned, but at over 440 posts long, I don't have time to go through it and check. I think there might be another post about Video sizes, but I can't find it.

  • @mattrixk will check it, ty.

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