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  • @daeks What's the point on restarting emulationstation via yarm?! I can't see a use case for it...

  • @meleu running es overwrites gamelist.xml, therefore it needs to be quited. Anyhow, nobody has to use it if he does not need it ;) - Nevertheless, I am struggling to start a game after restarting es as mentioned above.

  • @daeks As I reported on yarman issue tracker, the I had some issues when trying to install it on RetroPie x86 (Linux Mint 18.1).

  • sqlite implementation is finished so far.
    Currently doing some deeper tests before releasing it. It can be already tested on the sqlite branch.

    The biggest issue I have is the execution time for hashing roms all at once during the sync/setup process. Tests on a very large romset resulted in script timeouts and the general process takes too long - Thinking on dat support later on, I currently struggle a bit how to solve that. Maybe some cron job?

  • @Jeck11 You can change that setting in the config menu so that it puts the art in the correct folder rather than the roms directory.

  • I have released a new version of YARMan Web. Please update the scriptmodule before updating.
    Please be aware that some modules are still BETA.

    Note: YARMan Web is currently only tested on Raspberry 3B with latest RetroPie installation.


    -- [FIX] Config Editor strips content in some circumstances
    -- [FIX] Image / Video preview uses proper path from xml tag
    -- [FIX] Better HTML5 upload dialog & error handling
    -- [FIX] Restarting ES didnt work

    -- [NEW] SQLite Implementation
    -- [NEW] Quick Setup on first startup
    -- [NEW] Dynamic Administration Panel
    -- [NEW] Emulator Configuration
    -- [NEW] Database Management

    -- [CHANGE] Dashboard rewrite with dynamically loaded widgets
    -- [CHANGE] New Metadata Editor (no direct save on gamelist.xml)
    -- [CHANGE] Rom hashing preparation for DAT support
    -- [CHANGE] Performance Improvements and several minor points

    Some impressions:

  • Looks amazing!

  • This is excellent work.
    I got the default apache page at first accessing http://retropie
    I just needed to move the default index.html to a diff filename then index.php was selected by default.
    mv /var/www/html/index.html /var/www/html/old.index.html
    after that popped right up. :-)

  • @daeks What a pitty I just discovered this piece of WEBGUI sooo late :(

  • I just discovered this, judging from the screenshots this is exactly what i've been looking for. retropie doesn't support php5 anymore.
    I installed php7 + sql3 manually (edited the install script to not check for php5 dependencies) but it doesn't seem to work. no files are inside /www. anyone can help?

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