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  • I have created a transfer tool for the ROMS over the Raspberry Pi USB Flash Drive Method. It automates 90% of the process for the user in a super simple step by step GUI.
    This application is intended for beginner/novices to the topic
    GitHub Location
    System Requirements:

    • Window ME - Windows 10
    • Up to 1MB Storage
    • USB 2.0 and UP
    • Flash Drive compatible with Raspberry Pi

    Cool Features
    -Easy to Use
    -Step By Step
    -Polar Color Coded GUI
    -Includes Instructions
    -No install (optional)
    -USB formatting
    -Minimalist interface
    -Live Drive Detection
    -Active Background Troubleshooter
    -User-Error Compensation Algorithms
    -User Slip-of-finger Correction
    -Self Cleaning Memory
    -No trace storage
    -No admin-perms
    -No registry editing
    -No drivers
    -No Exit-Blocking
    -No Focus-Grab
    -No Malicious methods

    3_1490034448997_Capture3.PNG 2_1490034448997_Capture2.PNG 1_1490034448997_Capture1.PNG 0_1490034448996_Capture.PNG

  • Thanks for putting this together. I was chatting with a friend who I used to play games with when I was younger, encouraging him to try out RetroPie, and since he's not very savvy he was asking me about transferring games there. I've sent him this link!


  • @zettea
    I see that this is written in Visual Basic. Which version are you using?

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