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Does Anyone Have Decent Pictures of the PC Engine CD Console?

  • I'm making custom console images for a new theme but I can't find any decent images of the PC Engine CD. I'm looking for an image like the ones on the Supported Systems page. Eg:

    alt text

    The slight angle with the controller in front. I need one that's at least 800px wide (larger would be better, but as long as it's not too small to see details), and a transparent background would be preferable, but not essential.

    Is there anyone out there that can help me out? I fear my Google-Fu has failed me in this endeavour.

    I wasn't sure if I should put this in Help and Support, or Projects and Themes. I figured P&T was a better fit because I'm not asking for technical help.

  • 0_1491931224560_upload-fe1ae813-92e9-45aa-a001-3f502c1b0f58
    This might be the best pic I found of this.

  • @mattrixk My google-fu brought me the same image as that in the wiki, but with a higher resolution. Unfortunately part of the cable was removed by the crop, and the background is white, not transparent


    I think it's the japanese version:

  • Thanks @itsnitro and @meleu, but it seems you've both midread the topic. I need decent images of the PC Engine CD. I've already made the custom artwork for the normal PC Engine and the Turbografx-16 (and the Turbografx CD). I used the image above as an example of the kind of image I wanted.

    The PC Engine CD looks like this:

    alt text

    This image is close to what I want, but it's on too much of an angle and facing the wrong way.

  • Oh!

  • I thought the original PC Engine CD-ROM was in the back, not on the side. Like this (I realize that's a TurboGrafx, but same idea.)

    While it's not an angle, but here's a really high resolution photo of the PC Engine CD-ROM2 from the front.

  • Thanks @obsidianspider, I'll use that one if I can't find one on an angle.

    I'd never even heard of the PC Engine/TurboGrafx before I started playing around with RetroPie, so I don't know anything about them except what google tells me. When I google image search "PC Engine cd console" it comes up with pictures of the white side-by-side one, so that's what I'm looking for.

    In regards to the black one with the CD behind, I've already done that one for the TurboGrafx-CD folder.

  • @obsidianspider the super cdrom2 is in the back. Different core units and cdrom drives are interchangeable.

    alt text

    Then there is the turbo duo/ pc engine duo

    alt text

    Then there is the pc engine duo r and duo rx

  • @edmaul69 That bottom is indeed a sleek looking machine.

    I suppose it doesn't really matter which one I choose, but I'd still like it to be the "correct" one, whichever one that is. It's like asking which is the "correct" version of the SNES. I grew up with this one:

    alt text

    And wasn't even aware that this one:

    alt text

    Existed until I started playing with RetroPie.

  • Is it this one?

    alt text

    The one I grew up with is different, though (Turbo Duo):

    alt text

  • @mattrixk all 5 of them are correct. There are 5 different ones in japan plus some more core systems. The first one was the white one. The second version is the super cd (pc engine cd emulator plays the super cd and arcade duo cd's) the pc engine duo, pc engine duo r and pc engine duo rx all are all-in-one systems that play the super cd and arcade duo games as well. With a cards that plugs into the Hu card slot, all the systems are capable of playing the arcade duo and super cd games.

  • @mattrixk to make things more confusing here is only half of the controllers they made

    alt text

    this doesnt show the turbo duo pad, turbo stick, pc engine stick the korean colored turbo stick (looks like pc engine stick not us one) the duo-rx 6 button pad, the avenue pad 3, the avenue pad 6, the pc engine shuttle pad, the turbografx shuttle pad, the cordless pad rev a, the cordless pad rev b, and the nec (not pioneer) laseractive pad. these are the nec made ones, not to mention the many officially licensed hori pads

  • You are right @edmaul69, that is indeed very confusing.

  • @mattrixk [facepalm moment] The wikipedia TurboGrafx-16 page has really good images for many of these devices.

  • @mattrixk Just tossing an idea in, in case the other pics and the wiki page is not what you were looking for. I would check eBay out, then use paint or Photoshop to erase everything except the console and controller.

  • I didn't think of that, thanks @NastyButtler322.

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