@Romstar An update on this the game is working / Marbles are rolling as it should!!! FIXED that with physically swapping the GreenX1 & Yellow X2 respectively for both players on the Ultimarc Opti-Pac. However the Opti-Pac Designed from ultimarc doesn't work with their software so I can't reflash the inputs that aren't being utilized. On the bottom of the Opti-Pac is "Left" & "Right" buttons / or rather left click right click on a mouse... which is fine, but NO INPUTS for Coin ! This is how I have it wired in case any one else is using the same setup: 5v - RED Ground - BLACK Blue trackball even though considered player one on the left (*Intentionally goes to the P2 side of the Opti-PAC) P2 X1 - Yellow P2 X2 - Green P2 Y1 - Blue P2 Y2 - Purple Red trackball (*Intentionally goes to the P1 side of the Opti-PAC) P1 X1 - Yellow P1 X2 - Green P1 Y1 - Blue P1 Y2 - Purple Left P1 - Player 1 Start Right P2 - Player 2 Start (*also to note the original Marble Madness control panel the notches in the trackball face the bend / curve towards the front of the player, where as the flat end underneath on the trackballs face going away / the monitor.) Still no way to hook up 5 "coin" as of now ... In theory I can daisy chain it to a start button but that would be on FREE-Play which I don't want. So CLOSE to getting this the way I need it to be!