@pjft i hear you but there must be a diferrence in the dev code
as 2.9.4 installed handles extensions ok
but dev not and its just the binary changed

I havent looked more into the ES dev as i have removed it when discovered the extension prob and needed to work on something else.
Latest weird thing happens now , is that video snaps dont play sound unless OMX HW is enabled. Videoscreensaver has no sound whatever i tried. I m using 2.9.3 at the moments as its the last ES that I can start the game from VSCR.

Im checking one at a time but everytime something fixed something else happens. I have latest OS updates, April FW
Ill post more. I ll put back 2.9.6 to do more testing on the sound things

PS i ll test more ES dev but that extensions prob displays rom counts and roms incorrectly