I stick with the hardware 4:3 option you can find in the IPS screen menu, so Two vertical black lines, but aspect ratio is respected. I have issues with it's battery : It is an "MX JOE" 18650 battery, mainly used in Ecigs... NOT so good ..(rewraped they say) this battery is advertised at 3000mah with a max instant current draw of 35 Amps. I do NOT think It is true though, since I have not a long Time to play before I see the small bolt upright. I think I am going to swap for a Sony VTC6 battery that seems to be a little better after reading tests on ECIGS forums... this hat only uses 1 Slot for a 18650, and I was wondering If I could put a 2 batteries slot (in paralel) to get a better autonomy... I admit I do NOT know anything about electronics and I was wondering If this could fry either the hat or the pie... Does anyone have an advice about that ? I know It is retropie forum and It Is NOT related to hardware. But maybe someone in this huge community has the answer.... voilĂ  ! Please pardon my bad English... good day everyone ! merci !