Here is a full list of all of the synopsis fixes that were made by creating a gamelist.xml for the RetroPie and using the new Reversal script to create [synopsis].txt files usable in Madmab Edition emulators, as well as how many instances were fixed:


All Windows based (CR LF) line breaks replaced with Linux based (LF) line breaks: 1,228 (This is a document count. Actual instances of this fix is likely in the 30,000 to 40,000 range)

Added double spaces to lines that should have had them: 38

Corrected established order for "Original Title: " and "Alternate Title: " lines: 29

REMOVED extra blank line in between Description and first URL: 1

Line had a line break in the middle where it shouldn't have been: 2

Two extra lines after Description when there was no URL: 12

Extra spaces at end of lines: 5

Blank line with only a single space in it. The original code kept that line because of the space, as well as adding a Double Space before and after it, leaving 3 blank lines between the end of Description and the beginning of the first URL: 1

Added "Blank Space" under "_____________" that notes the beginning of the Game Description text. (NOTE: This looks much better in the XBox [synopsis].txt format than not having it, but this extra line is removed in the [synopsis].txt to gamelist.xml conversion code because this leading blank space does not look good on the RetroPie.): 1


"Original (T)itle" Capitalized: 10

"Hacked (B)y" Capitalized: 16

"Translated (B)y" Capitalized: 6


REMOVED blank "Alternate Title: " line: 56

REMOVED blank "Original Title: " line: 41

BLANK FIELDS THAT SHOULD HAVE HAD INFO (Usually "Unknown" except for Players info):

Missing "Players: ": 5

Missing "Release Year: ": 19

Missing "Hack Release Year: ": 27

Missing "Translated Release Year: ": 1

Missing "Hacked By: ": 1

Missing "Version: ": 2


Missing "Players: " Tag, so line and data were lost: 4

Missing ":" in "Version: ", so line and data were lost: 2

"Release Year: " misspelled "Relase Year: ", so line and data were lost: 1

"Release Year: " misspelled "Releaese Year: ", so line and data were lost: 1

"Alternate Title: " mislabeled as "Alternative Title: ", so line and data were lost: 3

"Translated By: " written as "Translated y: ", so line and data were lost: 1

"Publisher: " written as "Publisher:" without space. Somehow code re-wrote this as "Publisher: Publisher: " after the reversal script. (Assumed code would mimic this behavior for any tag missing the space before the info): 1


URLS that started with "www." were ignored by all code and just showed up in the Description rather than the <url> or <urlalt> tags: \

(Fixed this so no matter what order the two links are, or combination of "www." "http" or "https" they are they will both print on separate URL tags and in the order they are in the [synopsis].txt)


On VERY rare occasion there are more than two links in a synopsis file (For instance, if multiple hacks were applied to a single file). The code currently adds any more than two to the <urlalt> tag with a line break in between them. Most likely will not put in additional tags for the 0.0002% of games that would have this extra link or two.

In the next week I will create a new gamelist.xml file and run the reversal code again and compare the new output. I expect after doing this a second time with some code changes that I made today that the input [synopsis].txt files should be a 100% exact match to the output [synopsis].txt files.

The above fixes should then be applied to any synopsis files for other systems I work on in the future. Also, in the future, rather than do the crazy amount of editing I did by hand that could be handled with code like this, I will be adding more things to the existing code to automate all of that process.

Man... I'm glad I finally started learning how to do this for myself. :)