@djdiabolik If the carbon-alt theme works (ie. your changes to files in that folder do have an effect in ES) with the carbon.xml as filename there is no need to change it. However, if you (have to) change it to carbon-alt.xml make sure to rename also all references in to the carbon.xml inside the xml (as you noted above). I must say I have not spent much time on themes in general, so my hint is an educated guess.

Anyhow, I guess you can stop fiddling with themes. My pull request (https://github.com/RetroPie/EmulationStation/pull/742) has been accepted to the development version of Emulationstation. You may run this version by yourself:

Quit Emulationstation. ssh to your RetroPie Start sudo ~/RetroPie-Setup/retropie_setup.sh, select Manage experimental packages, scroll down to almost the end (see screenshot), to entry 198 emulationstation-dev then select Install from source.
screenshot.png Let the compile finish Restart Emulationstation

PS: If you want to revert to stable Emulationstation navigate in the retropoe setup to Manage packages -> Manage core packages -> 199 emulationstation . But from my experience the development version is kept pretty stable from the project maintainers.

Gemba created this issue in RetroPie/EmulationStation closed Fixes scroll detection for themes with forceuppercase gamelist display #742