@herb_fargus said in Emulationstation Translation:

Anyways to each their own, we all have our pieces to play in developing the project

Yes and my piece, what I want to do, is to bring EmulationStation to today's standards regarding ergonomic and design, while keeping a "retro touch".

I love the RetroPie community, but I'm afraid we have conflicting goals. I know that you aren't against this kind of changes, as long as I provide support for it, but I may not always be here to do it.

Beside the grid view, I also wanted to bring Localization to ES, but got quickly demotivated because Buzz said he fear this will add too much, unwanted, extra work in future developments. I and many others liked the idea, but I don't want to force you (RetroPie core team) to have it if you don't want it.