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System title text in System view

  • Hi, is there a way to display the system name in the system view?

  • You can do that by editing the theme. Uncomment the logo file and set parameters for the font (i think it is possible). I prefer to make a custom theme from sketch or the easiest way: make custom logos with only the name of the system as a .png file ;-)

  • Hi, thanks funkybunch...

    I'm already using the logo for my theme and I understand that if you remove the logo then the title text will appear in place. I was just wanting to know if there was a variable for the title text available, no problem tho, I'll just use an image object instead (with some text).

    Thanks again, much appreciated :)

  • @paffley Instead of adding an extra <image>, you could add an extra <text> field:

    <text name="system_name" extra="true">
      <text >Super Nintendo</text >
      <pos>x x</pos>
      <size>x x</size>
    </text >

  • @mattrixk Perfect thank you!

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