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bombic2 (open source) for retro pie

  • Hi guys,

    I bought my raspberry pi just a few weeks ago. I love the openblok and mrboom game because it feels really native on the pie and I can play them with 4 controllers. But I think bombic is even more funny, when comes to multiplayer bomberman games. I recently noticed, that the source code of 'bombic2' is open source and published under the GPLv2.
    link text

    I tryed to compile the game on my raspberry pie 3b under retro pie. The compilation sucsessed but when I try to start the gameonly some flames with purple background are apearing (surely a game sprite). It was the first programm I tried to compile myself. Maby I did something wrong and the problem is easy to solve.

    I'm just hoping, someone who reads this and knows how retro pie is working likes this game and is trying to install it himself. Just answer this, if someone get's it to work.

    Thanks for your help

  • administrators

    @lordg2009 same results here. a menu opened up very momentarily but then things crashed so... yeah idk. maybe it needs x and doesnt like running on the framebuffer.

    have you tried bombic?

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