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What controller do you use?

  • What controllers do you use?

    I use a wired USB SNES controller.
    Did anyone make a portable that has its own controls?

  • I primarily use a wireless ps3 controller.
    I have considered buying an arcade stick or create one myself. Currently I'm on the lookout for an arcade stick case if that even exists.

  • I was fortunate enough to still have my PS2 controllers, along with two PS2-to-USB converters that I bought from Radio Shack years ago. I also have an 8bitdo NES30 Pro and FC30 Pro, but as much as I love them, my PS2 controllers outshine them in every way possible.

  • I use an older model PS2/USB IPAC4, four-players arcade controls (4 joysticks, 6+6+4+4 action buttons, Start+Coin x4, 4 admin buttons), Utrak trackball, 2 spinners (GGG TurboTwist 2s). Also, GPIO power and volume buttons via direct wire and GPIOneer software/script.

  • @Brigane I would say find something you can convert into a case, or build your own.

  • a ps3 controller and it works great for now.:)

  • I like this kind of things, it's typical of passionate people .
    Take a 40€ computer, add a 15€ power source, a 20€ micro SD, and maybe 150€ for controllers and arcade stick, and you're done :)
    Not mentionning USB thumstick and eventually full arcade cabinet.
    I love RPi and Retropie, and I'm quoite used to Linux, but in hindsight I spent much more money in accessories than for the RPi itself.
    Funny isn't it ?

    Edit : I use old PS3 controllers, and bought a 30€ Hori Fighting Stick mini 4.

  • I use the 8BitDo NES30 for my "lazy gaming". When I need to get serious (and cut out the lag), I use a wired CirKa S91 SNES USB gamepad. I am happy with both and neither has really given me a day's trouble.

  • I'm using 3 official wireless Xbox 360 controllers. They work pretty well! The only nick-pick is the d-pad isn't as good as the official SNES controllers but it feels better than the official Genesis/Megadrive d-pad!. Even the Xbox One controller has a tighter d-pad. I also have a couple wired Xbox One controllers (one official & one not) that work great as well!

  • @lilbud I would prefer option 1 cause my building skills are weak :)

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    @backstander Why does everyone give the 360 d-pad a hard time? It's really not that bad. I use a wired 360 and an iBuffalo SNES. I have access to PS3 & PS4 controllers but can't be arsed with sorting out the wireless when I can just plug and play.

  • Logitech Precision, discontinued a few years back but still easily found on ebay. Setup like a ps1 controller, wired, no analog sticks (real retro games don't need that crap, haha), nice D-pad, clicky buttons, very solid and well built. It's a shame they dont make them anymore, but logitech has been very lax on it's gamepad offerings as of lately, they haven't updated their models in like 5 years.

  • Oh, and an iPac 2 in my arcade setup. You cant go wrong with the iPac series of arcade encoders.

  • @AlexMurphy

    Why does everyone give the 360 d-pad a hard time? It's really not that bad.

    I'm happy with the 360 but the d-pad on the One is a little better! I have a wireless XboxOne but I also don't wanna mess with the wireless issues. I'd rather use a 360 than a PS3 and I don't think the d-pad on that is any better.

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    @backstander I think Nintendo basically got the d-pad right the first time and everyone else has been trying to make something similar but not infringing their design patent and therefore failing.

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    @backstander Yeah, I can't be bothered with wireless issues. Some people get it to work flawlessly, others have nothing but lag, drop-outs, disconnections, not recognised... As I said, I just plug and play, no muss, no fuss.

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    @backstander I had a Sega Master System and the d-pads were a horrendous mush fest. Just absolutely awful. I can't believe they passed QC. So, I saved up my hard earned (ahem!) pennies and got this, The Control Stick, it was a hell of a lot better but notice how the buttons and stick are swapped! Screw you SEGA! I basically had to re-learn how to play.

  • @AlexMurphy

    I basically had to re-learn how to play.

    That's crazy! I guess this is meant for left handed people.

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    @backstander I really don't know. It only came one way! And every other controller AND all SEGA arcade cabs were the normal way! I have no idea what the thought process was. Maybe the plans got photocopied back to front or something... Crazy stuff. Seriously, so much of gaming is "muscle memory". It was basically like me trying to drive a left hand stick-shift after learning in a right-hand drive.

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    Fixed that for you SEGA.


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