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HELP with Mausberry Circuit and NES miniClassic On/Off Board

  • hey everyone
    how is everyone doing?

    I am lost with very little help with trying to figure out how to hook up a mausberry circuit to hook up with this NES mini Classic On/Off - Reset Board
    it is the original board that came with the NES mini and yes i tired out the guts to fit a ras pi 3 inside which i was successful in doing but want to desperately use the shutdown script and the board is not like the original board.

    here are some photos and any help or insight would be extremely welcome :)

    PS i do have a multio meter but if someone is going to ask me to use one, can they try to be very specific as i am not good with the terminology of them. I know there is a red and black tip, and the volume button option on the meter is for continuity (which makes it beep when touching points) but will need help one what tip goes where for each tip to get a reading if we are looking for something.

    thanks everyone

    Photo link here below ... 5%20AM.png

  • hey guys!

    so i managed to get this to work to some capacity but few things are a tad wrong and was hoping for your help.

    1. when i power the NES on, the push button is OUT when the unit is on and when i push the POWER IN, it turns OFF.
      is there something anyone can think of to reverse that? I've tried moving cables around and can't seem to get it.

    2. how does one get the LED to work with the unit if its built in on the board? should it just not turn on and off if i ave properly tapped into the power?

    thanks everyone

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