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  • Has anyone had success using the power functionality with some of the pre-built Attract Mode Images out there?

    I have my ControlBlock working with the base RetroPie 4.2 install so I know my setup works. However if I use one of the pre-built images and install the drivers I can only power on the Pi with my switch. When powered on, the light contentiously blinks. To power off, I have to do it through the GUI and not the switch. Even when powered off, the light on my LED continuously blinks until I unplug the USB power to the ControlBlock.

    I'm pretty sure the pre-built Attract Mode images come with something like a file to use GPIO pins 5 & 6. I'm wondering if anyone has had experience locating and disabling that so that the ControlBlock functions override it.

  • I figured it out. I had to expand the file system then add the ControlBlock drivers. I never noticed the error code that there wasn't enough space to install all the parts needed to make it work.

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    Can you post a link to one of those attract more images here?

    Glad to hear that you figured it!

  • @petrockblog Sorry, forum rules prohibit that. Just do a simple google search for them and options come up. I do love your ControlBlock though, thanks for making it!

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