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Vic20 Cartridge Launching

  • Hi,

    With the current config it's fairly tedious to launch Vic-20 cartridges as you have to go through the in-emulator menu within vice and select attach cartridge and then navigate through the file system to locate the cartridge and then soft reset to start the game.

    A simple improvement to this process is to add the following line to the emulators.cfg file within the c64 directory ......

    vice-xvic-cart="/opt/retropie/emulators/vice/bin/xvic -cartgeneric %ROM%"

    This adds a vic cartridge launch command option which you can associate with the rom. It will attach and run a vic cartridge straight from the ES menu as if it was any non-cartridge game.

    Now you can bathe in Omega Race, Choplifter and Spiders of Mars glory with ease....

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  • I've continued this thread rather starting a new one as it's just an extra launch option like above. After playing around with some more vic20 games they appear to fall largely into 3 configs - unexpanded ram, expanded ram and cartridge games. So, again I've added an extra line into my emulators.cfg to launch vic20 games which require memory expansion - from what I recall most games which required 3k,8k or 16k expansion worked as long as you had at least the required amount so I've just added the command line switch to enable all ram. Most games for an unexpanded vic20 usually don't like memory expansion so you can't have that enabled for everything. I have enabled the save settings on exit from within vice but that also remembers the memory expansion setting - for that reason I needed to change the original xvic launch option to force no memory expansion. I'm not sure if there is a more elegant way but I think these 3 vic20 launch options cover everything I've tried so far, so it doesn't seem too bad a solution. Here's my 3 xvic lines from the config :-

    vice-xvic="/opt/retropie/emulators/vice/bin/xvic -memory none %ROM%"
    vice-xvic-expanded="/opt/retropie/emulators/vice/bin/xvic -memory all %ROM%"
    vice-xvic-cart="/opt/retropie/emulators/vice/bin/xvic -cartgeneric %ROM%"

    The Vic20 was my first computer - I guess it's a little niche for most Retropie users ? ;-)

  • @badmonkey said in Vic20 Cartridge Launching:

    The Vic20 was my first computer - I guess it's a little niche for most Retropie users ? ;-)

    Old school! ;) I remember the Vic20 and typing in a BASIC program to play a short text based RPG even though you already knew every possible outcome from typing it in. Then shutting it down loosing everything when we were done. The good ol' days.

  • @badmonkey Thanks for the launch options.
    The Vic20 was my first computer too and learned programming on it. It was amazing at that time: having a computer at home! :-)
    Anybody remembers the 'speed' board to load programs from tapes at only a fraction of usual needed load time?

  • Hi,
    VICE Can now do this easily from within Emulation Station

  • @Dwarfboysim what do you mean?

  • Copt the cartridge file to your roms\c64 folder. Restart Emularion Station, cartridge should then show in the list. Select to launch it pressing A almost straight away to get into the config menu and change the default emulator for rom to be the Vic 20 cartridge one, then launch

  • @Dwarfboysim Thanks. That is known behaviour for launching for any core that allows to select the emulator for specific rom.
    Best way to me is to create a new "system" in ES dedicated just to vic20 (by "cloning" the c64 vice core).

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